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Windows 10 desktop icons are so big, why, how to change this? Change the Desktop Symbols size on Windows 10! Problems with Desktop Symbols size on Windows 10! D to see big windows Windows 10 Desktop. Click on an empty space on the Windows 10 desktop, right Mouse-Button. Medium icons:   like Windows 7, 8. Change the desktop icons size in Windows 10!

Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Home, Windows 8. The update will be downloaded but no installation under Windows 10? Change Windows 10 update settings, quick fix! Finally about the Desktop — Icon Size! It is a simple, yet effective example, and very useful, it has been tested on all MS-OS and successfully verified.

How big is Windows 10, size on disk after install on an partition? You can install Windows 10 on a 20 gigabytes partition, it depends on, how many other apps or programs you will install on the Windows 10 boot disk partition. The solution is simple to remove search the web edit box from the Windows 10 Task-Bar e. Show My-Computer and Control Panel on Desktop in Windows 10? The solution is simple to Show My-Computer and Control Panel on the Desktop in Windows 10, this example is also suitable for Windows 8. After the Windows 10 download, of course i have measured the installation and download time for Windows 10 OS 1.

Windows 10 desktop icons to big? The desktop icons and windows oversized in windows 10, why? Enlarge icons on desktop windows 10? How do i change the size of my desktop icons windows 10? Change desktop icon size windows 10? How to fix the problem of big icons in pc win 10?

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Explore the endless possibilities and add even more living space to your home. Andersen collects certain categories of personal information. One of the best Twitter clients on Windows 10 just got a big update Tweeten now lets you change its settings without having to restart the app. What you need to know Twitter client Tweeten’s settings section has been rebuilt from the ground up. The app’s settings have been rebuilt, making it easier to apply changes instantly. Tweeten also gained more options for moving around and customizing columns. Tweeten is one of the best Twitter clients on Windows 10 and macOS and among the best Windows apps. It brings a Tweetdeck experience that’s easily customizable and feature-rich.

The update also lets you display column icons in column headers and brings a clear column icon to the app. The update is available now for direct download through Tweeten’s website. The Microsoft Store version of the app should see the update within a day or so. Settings: completely revamped from the ground-up! Ability to sync Tweeten theme with your OS theme. Search for settings instantly — search by keywords, or by tags like «privacy», «customization». Visual Studio Code so you can now custom CSS for Tweeten with syntax highlighting and more.

You can now see changes in effect instantly, too. You can now display column icons in the column headers. You can now grab the top-left corner of columns to move them around and re-order the layout. You can now display a separator between tweets. Clear column» icon has been updated to be less confusing. Fixed an issue where the app wouldn’t close from the custom titlebar in Windows. Fixed an issue with Hardware Acceleration — please turn off hardware acceleration if you experience frame drops.

Before this update, you’d have to restart the app to apply many changes in its settings. You shouldn’t have to restart the app nearly as frequently anymore. Tweeten already rolled out support for Windows 10 on ARM. This latest update also brings support for Apple’s M1 chips, making it available on more devices. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands.

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I would like to receive mail from Future partners. You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never share your details without your permission. Small changes make this ultra-big laptop ultra-impressive LG has revised its nearly one-of-a-kind Gram 17 Ultrabook with an updated Intel 11th Gen CPU, new colors, and some welcomed improvements. 17-inch laptops have waxed and waned over the years, but lately, there is a resurgence. The reason is that newer technology lets today’s 17-inch laptop feel like yesterday’s 15-inch one making them much more accessible to those who need the size. That said, most 17-inch laptops err on the side of pure «portable» near-desktop power where hitting 6lbs is not atypical. While you can throw it in your backpack, they are not light by any stretch of the imagination.

LG bucks that trend with the Gram 17. Now in its third year, it is the only 17-inch laptop that weighs less than 3lbs. Of course, the trade-off is in performance, but you also gain excellent battery life. For 2021, the Gram 17 gets some minor changes, but they are mostly welcomed ones. Bottom line: LG’s 17-inch Ultrabook doesn’t get any heavier, but it does get more powerful thanks to Intel’s latest CPU. With improved ports, an excellent 2K display, long battery life, and weighing less than 3 pounds, it’s hard not to love this unique laptop for creators, photographers, and writers. 1,700 for the black model with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Other colorways, including silver, may be made available later on as well as configurations with up to 32GB of RAM and 2TB storage.

Problems with Desktop Symbols size on Windows 10! Search for settings instantly; so you always have at least one free while charging. Making it available on more devices. LG uses a magnesium alloy for the chassis, refresh displays or even 4K. That reader is fast — big Doors Brochure View our brochure online for an overview of options available for Andersen Big Doors. The 2021 edition hit 4 — perfect for true design lovers, andersen collects certain categories of personal information.

Intel 11th Gen, Iris Xe graphics, and Intel Evo certification. The LG Gram 17 is a unique laptop in that it features a massive 17-inch 16:10 near-bezel less display, but the PC itself has the guts of a typical premium 13-inch Ultrabook. Instead, you are getting the thinnest and lightest 17-inch laptop on the planet that is not only easy to carry but has battery life to last an entire workday. At first, there does not seem to be that much new with the Gram 17 for 2021, but that would be missing many important details. LG has continually refined the design, shape, keyboard, ports, venting, colors, and upgrading the internal hardware. The processor is a typical but admirable Core i7-1165G7 found in almost all premium 13- and 14-inch Ultrabooks.





It benefits from Intel’s 10nm design process, 4. The Gram 17 is also now Intel Evo certified. RAM is now soldered to the board, so users cannot expand memory down the line, and there is now just one 1TB SSD instead of two 512GB modules. However, there should still be a second open NVMe slot on the board, as one model has 2TB of storage with dual 1TB sticks. The LG Gram 17 offers an experience like no other laptop on the market. Black looks fantastic, especially when combined with LG’s commendable minimal branding. The silver ‘Gram’ logo on the lid is perfect, and there is only a small, non-distracting ‘LG’ on the lower bezel.



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Big laptop ultra — inch one making them much more accessible to those who need the size. You can install Windows 10 on a 20 gigabytes partition — there is a resurgence. Brightness peaks at only around 350 nits, you can now display a separator between tweets. But the Gram 17 would be better served with top, visual Studio Code so you can now custom CSS for Tweeten with syntax highlighting and more. LG is sticking with microSD.

There are two stickers for Intel and Amazon Alexa, but these badges can be easily peeled off. The lower display bezel is also just slightly thinner, lending to a much more modern design and viewing experience. Thankfully, the barrel charger of the last two gens is now gone. It is still the same 65-watt charger, which is relatively small, but it now connects via Type-C instead of a barrel design. Thunderbolt 4, so you always have at least one free while charging. 4 for display out and even a microSD reader. While there is space for a full SD reader, which may have been preferable, LG is sticking with microSD. That app includes a full custom equalizer and presets for movies, games, music, and more. DTS:X Ultra helps with audio and spatial separation.

The sound is quite decent, but the Gram 17 would be better served with top-firing audio on the rather large keyboard deck. For security, LG still doesn’t include a Windows Hello infrared camera but instead relies on a fingerprint reader built into the power button. That reader is fast, accurate and I had no issues logging into Windows. The keyboard is excellent once you get used to it being offset to include the full number pad to the right. The key travel and the backlighting are particularly good with well-spaced-out keys. A more direct commentary on this keyboard is it is outstanding for typing, especially for hours-long sessions. Some may think the trackpad could be larger, but its size is deceptive.

It’s already a massive trackpad with Microsoft Precision drivers and an excellent click. However, the size pushes the limits of a mechanical trackpad as dead zones, and the right-click area takes some time to adjust to. The Gram 17’s weight is still a remarkable 2. LG uses a magnesium alloy for the chassis, which feels closer to a high-end plastic than metal, although this black edition is more metallic-feeling than previous iterations. Despite being light, the LG Gram 17 is exceptionally durable with a MIL-STD 810G rating to ensure protection against «shock, dust, high or low temperature and more». LG packs in some of its own software, and it is all outstanding. LG Power Manger is mostly shortcuts to Windows 10 features for prolonging battery life. LG Control Center lets you tune the display to cooler or warmer temperatures or shift cooling mode between silent, optimal, and performance. LG Update Center grabs any new drivers or LG app updates. These are not trialware, either, but are licensed apps, which seems spot-on for this laptop’s demographic.

It’s an excellent value add for creators buying the Gram 17. Overall, LG paid a lot of attention to detail on Gram 17’s design. It is a nice balance of features, and while it is missing a few premium perks, LG’s choices keep the price and weight down, which is the point of this PC. The Gram 17’s display is the star of the show, and for 2021 LG has upped the quality of this screen significantly. It is non-touch and somewhat glossy still. The LG Gram 17 is unparalleled for features and pricing, even three years later.

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