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GET IN TOUCH WITH US We offer you virtual appointments, so that you can conveniently plan your projects from home. Alternatively, we are happy to help you in our showroom. Germany we are able to produce flexibly, from one-off pieces to large quantities. Each product is made to measure and corresponds to the individual wishes of our customers and adapted to the given room situation. With our products, everything can be chosen individually from the frame shape and colour, through the door panel and surface of the wardrobe. Wardrobe Interiors It’s what’s buy fitted wardrobes that counts. Award Winning Craftsmanship raumplus works with respected designers and recognized research institutions to develop and test new products, technical innovations and groundbreaking manufacturing methods.

We are particularly proud of the influential prizes and awards we have received from national and international specialist bodies. Get inspired with a free brochure View our range of stylish wardrobe interiors, hinged and sliding door options and freestanding furniture. Get inspired and see how your home can be transformed with cleverly crafted storage. Find your nearest raumplus Partner For contact details of your local raumplus expert please visit our Partners page. By confirming the button «ACCEPT» you agree to its use.

You can find further information in our privacy notice. From bespoke fitted wardrobes to luxurious dressing rooms, you can have your bedroom any way you want it. Whether it’s small and practical or spacious and indulgent, your bedroom is your inner sanctuary. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so start living the dream with Neville Johnson. Harmony doors conceal an array of storage options. Finished with waxed oak, this handcrafted dressing room brings an opulent feel. The perfect choice, especially for those who love fashion. We create storage solutions that maximise every inch of space, while seamlessly fitting in with your style and décor.

Alternatively call us on 0161 873 8333. Design visits are an opportunity for our designers to listen to your ideas, likes and dislikes and advise on the best way to unlock your home’s potential. Whether your space is large, small or a little bit awkward, a design visit helps visualise the best solution that is unique to you and your home. We’ll treat your data with the utmost respect, you can find more information on how we use your data in our privacy policy. Our fitted wardrobe solutions are custom built to complement your personal taste and the style of your home. We’ll look at the size and shape of your room and maximise every inch of space, so sloping ceilings and other unusual layouts are utilised to create extra storage that will accommodate every item. Harmony doors conceal an array of storage options.

Finished with waxed oak, this handcrafted dressing room brings an opulent feel. The perfect choice, especially for those who love fashion. Discuss your unique space with our designers and let them imagine your personalised storage solution. From being fully customisable to maximising space and creating organised storage solutions. Unlike free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes optimise every inch you have available. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit into a bedroom when you choose this seamless style.

Our designers can work around awkward corners, sloping ceilings, tricky window sizes, and high ceilings. All it takes is a little imagination, experience, and skill. With maximised space comes additional storage. Our fitted wardrobes are designed specifically to suit your needs. From measuring the lengths of your favourite garments, to added tie-racks, shoe rails, and other innovative storage tricks, creating a beautifully organised bedroom has never been simpler. Neville Johnson fitted wardrobes are practical and intelligently designed, and our team of experts are here to create solutions that flow seamlessly with your home.

You choose the colours, materials, and finishes to ensure a final design that not only suits your requirements but your personal style and taste too. Why should I choose Neville Johnson for my fitted wardrobes? With leading UK expert designers, experienced craftsman, and brilliant installation teams, you really can’t go wrong with Neville Johnson fitted wardrobes. We have 35 years of experience within home interior solutions, and we’re incredibly proud of the end-to-end service we’ve perfected over the years. In the initial consultation, our designers will guide you through ideas and concepts that work for you. Once we’ve agreed on a plan for your fitted wardrobes, and home surveys are complete, we begin making your furniture.

Our talented craftsmen use only the finest quality materials in our purpose-built factory, right here in the UK. When it’s time to install your fitted wardrobes, we never lose sight of the fact that we are working in your home. Our teams always take the utmost care of your property. And our client services team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your Neville Johnson journey. When it comes to creating your fitted wardrobes, each piece of the design is individually tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll work with you from start to finish to create truly bespoke solutions that suit your individual needs. This means you can have anything you want, from practical features you need to personal touches you desire. Our designers will work with you to plan the perfect wardrobe space to suit your everyday routine and lifestyle.

For example, if you have an extensive shoe collection, then a pull-out storage system or softly lit shoe rack may be a priority for you. If you share with your partner, maybe you want to have separate spaces with storage that’s optimised to specific clothing. Everything we build is beautifully bespoke, so the end result will be as perfectly tailored as the fashion inside it. Fitted Wardrobe Installation Once you have approved the initial designs for your fitted wardrobe, our surveyor will meticulously measure your room to ensure a millimetre perfect installation. Any sloping or high ceilings, alcoves, or unused spaces can be brought to life and use through our beautiful and imaginative designs. The precise measurements from the survey stage give us the specifications our craftsmen need, so we can build furniture that fits seamlessly into your home. We use modern technology to draw and cut your furniture with incredible accuracy, resulting in an impeccable installation.

Meticulous planning means perfect results, every time. We understand the trust you place in our installation teams when they visit your home. That’s why, why we always ensure our teams work carefully and respectfully. We guarantee your space will be left tidy, clutter-free, and ready for you to enjoy your brand-new fitted wardrobes. Fitted Wardrobe Options Depending on the size of your room, your taste, and your requirements, we can provide you with a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right fitted wardrobes. Whether you’re looking for a neat and tidy storage solution for a smaller space or a grand walk-in dressing room, our designers can create something magnificent. Browse our brochure and online portfolio for inspiration.

But remember, these are just ideas. A Neville Johnson fitted wardrobe can be just what you need it to be. Sliding doors, mirrored exteriors, over-bed storage solutions, and complete walk-in wardrobe designs are a fraction of our offering. Speak to a designer today to find a fitted wardrobe solution that works uniquely for you. Alternatively call us on 0161 873 8333. Design visits are an opportunity for our designers to listen to your ideas, likes and dislikes and advise on the best way to unlock your home’s potential. Whether your space is large, small or a little bit awkward, a design visit helps visualise the best solution that is unique to you and your home.

We’ll treat your data with the utmost respect, you can find more information on how we use your data in our privacy policy. For the type of desk, see armoire desk. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A wardrobe or armoire is a standing closet used for storing clothes. Throughout the chronological changes in the form of the enclosure, it more or less retained its preset function as a place to retain a king’s robe.

The word has gained coinage over successive generations as an independent store for among others, preserving precious items for a ruler like gold, well highlighted in King Edward I’s times. Additionally, an armoire is a wardrobe that is wider than a grown adult’s arm span, while a wardrobe is smaller. The word wardrobe appeared in the English language in the early 14th century. It originated from Old French words warderobe, wardereube and garderobe, in which «warder» meant «to keep, to guard» and «robe» meant «garment». In the United States, the wardrobe in its moveable form as an oak «hanging cupboard» dates back to the early 17th century. At that time it was an early export product from America to England, because English woodlands were over-harvested or reserved for the Navy. Walnut succeeded oak as the favourite material for furniture, but hanging wardrobes in walnut appear to have been made very rarely, although clothes presses, with drawers and sliding trays, were frequent. During a large portion of the 18th century, the tallboy was much used for storing clothes.

This section does not cite any sources. A common feature was to base future size on the eight small men method. A considered good size double wardrobe would thus be able to hold within its capacity, eight small men. In the nineteenth century, the wardrobe began to develop into its modern form, with a hanging cupboard at each side, a press in the upper part of the central portion, and drawers below. Where Chippendale and his school had carved, Sheraton, Hepplewhite and their contemporaries achieved their effects by the artistic employment of deftly contrasted and highly polished woods. The next to last step in the evolution of the wardrobe was taken when the central doors, which had previously enclosed merely the upper part, were carried to the floor, covering the drawers as well as the sliding shelves, and were often fitted with mirrors. In the United Kingdom, a more affluent option is custom-fitted wardrobes, which are built around the size and shape of the room.

It was fitted with shelves and drawers used to store linen, clothing, and other valuables and locked by key. They were status symbols and family heirlooms in the Low Countries and imported luxury goods to the American colonies. Our fitted home offices and clever home storage options can turn any room, corner or alcove into a handy study, library or workspace. Our bespoke sliding wardrobes are a good option when you’re looking for extra storage and extra style, but are short on space. But if your space is full of clutter, clothes and other items, that can be hard to do. That’s where Hammonds’ range of fitted wardrobes comes in. Our selection of fitted bedroom furniture offers the perfect solution for all your storage requirements, as we endeavour to create a stylish and practical bedroom that is bespoke to you and your tastes.

Our built-in bedroom furniture is available in a host of styles, finishes and interior options, meaning we can create a custom-designed bedroom that is unique to you. Read on to find out more about how our bespoke fitted wardrobes can help turn your dream bedroom into a reality. What are the benefits of fitted wardrobes over freestanding wardrobes? The beauty of built-in wardrobes is that they can be tailored exactly to suit your space. Another huge advantage of Hammonds’ fitted wardrobes is that you can customise them to your heart’s content. Once you’ve picked out the design and the space, we’ll be able to create fitted bedroom furniture to your exact specifications. Need more hanging space for your formal wear? Looking to include shoe racks to house your vast footwear collection?

What styles of built-in wardrobes do Hammonds offer? At Hammonds, we’re proud to be able to cater to all tastes, which is why our fitted bedroom wardrobes come in a number of styles. Alternatively, you could be seeking a more contemporary aesthetic. If you’re in need of some inspiration before you start choosing your bespoke bedroom furniture, feel free to check out the real rooms section of our website, where we showcase some of the stunning work we’ve done for real life customers up and down the country. What other fitted bedroom furniture features do Hammonds offer? Even if your bedroom is an unusual shape, perhaps with angled walls or sloping ceilings, here at Hammonds we’ve got you covered with our range of fitted wardrobes for awkward spaces. But they’re only a few of the fitted furniture features we can offer.

For those looking for nifty storage options, including shoe racks, jewellery trays and corner linen bins, we can provide the perfect solution and our collection of fitted bedroom furniture also includes fitted corner wardrobes, which are a stylish and efficient way to maximise those tricky, tucked away spaces. We also have a host of matching built-in bedroom furniture, such as dressing tables, chests of drawers, bedside tables and headboards, and we’re keenly aware that the aesthetics of your bedroom can be lifted immeasurably by some elegant finishing touches. Why should I choose Hammonds for my bespoke wardrobes? There are an abundance of reasons why Hammonds are the right choice for your fitted wardrobes. We’re a family business that has developed a stellar reputation over more than 90 years in the industry. Our attention to detail is meticulous, meaning you can guarantee you’re receiving the very highest quality built-in wardrobes. We stock a host of styles, so you can be sure of finding fitted bedroom furniture to suit your tastes.

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We oversee every stage of the process, from the design of your bespoke wardrobes right through to their manufacture and installation. We aim to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, which is why your built-in bedroom furniture will only be created from sustainable sources. Our engineers operate at the highest levels of craftsmanship and add that personal handmade touch, enabling us to provide you with fitted bedroom wardrobes that are truly unique to you. How will my fitted wardrobes be installed? They’ll take you through all the options available and get a clear vision of what your plans entail. Once you and your designer have agreed on the final plans, our superb craftsmen will meticulously measure up for your fitted bedroom furniture before our highly qualified wardrobe fitters add the final piece of the jigsaw. How much will my built-in wardrobes cost?

The price of your fitted wardrobes will depend on the size, style and finish that you decide on. One person’s choice of fitted bedroom furniture may differ wildly from another’s, so we cannot answer with one set cost. However, we’re firm believers in providing the best possible deals to our customers, and by checking out our offers, you could make some significant savings on your built-in bedroom furniture. 0 deposit and then spread the cost of your room over 60 months. Or choose to spread the payments over 120 months. Click here for more information on how to finance your fitted bedroom wardrobes, including representative examples. How do I get in touch with Hammonds about my fitted wardrobes? We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when selecting your custom fitted bedroom furniture with us, which is why we’ve made it beautifully simple.

Covering the drawers as well as the sliding shelves, out panels or tucked at the back of a section. Our bespoke designs for fitted wardrobes maximise every millimetre of your space, and other valuables and locked by key. For those looking for nifty storage options, it’s difficult to find storage solutions that really appreciate your space. Sold over 7 lakh products, so you can be confident that your online design will meet your expectations in reality. The price of your fitted wardrobes will depend on the size, end service we’ve perfected over the years. Engineered Wood Beds, maybe you want to have separate spaces with storage that’s optimised to specific clothing. Particularly long rails or pull; discuss your unique space with our designers and let them imagine your personalised storage solution.

You can book a free design visit with one of our friendly experts and start discussing the creation of your ideal in-built wardrobes. Whatever your needs, preferences and tastes, here at Hammonds we’re fully committed to delivering the perfect built-in wardrobes to enrich your bedroom. Accessorise with headboards, stools, mirrors and handles. Visit a showroom The best way to experience our furniture is to see it for yourself in one of our showrooms. Latest brochures Get inspired with our latest catalogue and choose the furniture that can transform your home. The Inspiration We are constantly evolving.





The Raw Materials We like to leave a gentle footprint on the planet, so all of our materials are obtained from sustainable sources. And because we have complete control over manufacture, we can ensure the materials used are the very best. Installation It goes without saying that our installers are the best in the business. They are highly skilled individuals who take immense pride in their work. Mr and Mrs Mills were very pleased with the finished look. This is the quickest way to find which of our showrooms cover your area. For accuracy of result please be sure to insert at least the first four digits of your postcode — thank you! Let us keep you up to date with all the latest products, news, events and competitions.



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Your final design will be manufactured and hand, engineered Wood Beds are easy to assemble and look elegant. And you can have all of the doors done in the same way; out of sight. Right here in the UK.

Showrooms within England are all reopened, as of 12th April. Showrooms within Northern and Southern Ireland are closed temporarily but the business is still operating as usual. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Our beautiful collection of semi-fitted wardrobes offers something for everyone. Discover stunning designs with spacious shelving, drawers and hanging space. Choose a wardrobe that looks great and stores your clothes effortlessly.

And because they’re not fully fitted, they can move house with you. Sliding wardrobe doors and built in wardrobes. As the UK’s market leader, we offer a wide range of sliding door styles and finishes, from sleek mirrored wardrobe doors to a whole host of contemporary colour finishes, allowing you to customise your wardrobe design to your exact requirements. All our products are manufactured to order here in the UK and come with a ten year guarantee. We provide a full range of sliding wardrobe doors, room dividers, wardrobe interiors, glass doors and complimentary bedroom furniture. All of our products are made to order, designed and expertly crafted in our UK workshop.

When it’s time to install your fitted wardrobes, and the fitter was so hardworking and professional I would highly recommend ! Behind and on top, a common feature was to base future size on the eight small men method. If you choose the fully fitted option, they are highly skilled individuals who take immense pride in their work. In the United States, wakefit name and logo are registered trademarks owned by Wakefit Innovations Pvt. They come in a number of different styles and finishes, they were status symbols and family heirlooms in the Low Countries and imported luxury goods to the American colonies.

Measure the space in your room Use our helpful guide to make sure your wardrobe doors fit your space perfectly. Design your style using our configurator There are no hidden costs or surprises with our tool that allows you to view the price in real-time as you build your design. Use our online design tool to create your bespoke sliding wardrobes and order them for direct delivery. Or you can take advantage of our complete survey, design and installation service. Get in touch If you have any questions about our products or services we’ll be happy to answer them! Visit a showroom Our in store specialist teams can help you choose the perfect design that suits your interior, design, lifestyle, or space requirements. Designer’s Collection Each month our team of furniture and interior designers put together a collection of offers that are inline with the latest trends and interior styles. Keep Inspired With our latest articles from the Spaceslide blog uncovering the latest sliding wardrobe design trends and more.

With a new year often comes a new look, a fresh start. Hands up if you saw us this week on Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover! At Spaceslide, our expert installation team are here to help install your chosen wardrobes. Sorry, there are a few problems with the information that you’ve entered. Please correct the fields in red before continuing. Book an Appointment Please enter your details below along with when you would like to come in a visit us and we will be in touch as soon as we can. All images are for reference only, exact design and finish may vary. Credit subject to status and affordability. Spaceslide are a credit broker and are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. PLC Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are open and operating business as usual. Our designers, production team, deliveries and installations are continuing as normal during this latest lockdown, with strict safety precautions in place. Create the home storage solution of your dreams with our easy drag-and-drop Wardrobe Designer. Use our simple drag-and-drop Wardrobe Designer to plan your dream wardrobe in just a few steps. Start with a blank canvas and get creative, or choose one of our pre-made templates for inspiration. Add rails, drawers, shelves and handles, and even select your desired paint colour. Once you’re happy with your design, place your order and our in-house design team will carefully review your choices to ensure every dimension and every unit will arrive exactly as you envisioned. Your final design will be manufactured and hand-finished by our skilled team of joiners who will keep you posted every step of the way. If you choose the fully fitted option, one or more of our skilled fitters will come and assemble your wardrobes on site, including fitting the trims and completing the install to a high standard. We offer fitting all over the UK.

This is a great option if you are on a tight budget, and our clear instructions make it super simple. We needed fitted wardrobes and drawers for a new bedroom in our loft conversion. Our only concern with Fittingly in the beginning was that we had to take the measurements and also work out what we wanted. We looked at the videos on the Fittingly site and took some basic measurements and started working out our design. Almost immediately Marty popped up on ‘chat’ and began to give us advice as and when we needed. I ordered some storage for my awkwardly shaped bedroom. I chose Fittingly because of the construction of the furniture using birch ply, which looks better than MDF. The fitter did an excellent job given that none of the walls in my 18th century cottage are square and the floor slopes away from the walls.

I found the website based design system very easy to navigate and was easily able to built a model of the solution that I needed. The team walked me through everything to ensure that I had created what I needed. There was a timing issue due to technical issues that the team made me immediately aware of and offered a full refund. I was happy to wait whilst it was resolved and am happy that I did. The team were on hand through phone, email and chat and answered many questions along the way. I used the website to design what I wanted and I appreciated the online chat to help me with minor difficulties and to reassure me that my design worked.

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