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When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our product choices. If you’ve ever struggled getting your baby or toddler in and out of their car seat, a rotating car seat could be a great option as these allow you to car activities for toddlers the seat towards your car door to take your child out. To help you decide which rotating car seat is best for you, we’ve extensively researched the car seat market as well as speaking to over 550 parents about the car seats they’ve used over the years. We’ve also spoken to car seat experts from the organisations RAC and Child Seat Safety about the safety advice around rotating car seats as well. Along with this we’ve also taken into account safety testing carried out by ADAC who is one of the lead testers of car seats in Europe. Why should I buy a rotating car seat? One of the main benefits of a rotating car seat is that it makes it more comfortable for you when taking your baby in and out of the car, by having the ability to swivel it around to the car door. This saves having to awkwardly bend over a seat to try to unstrap and lift them out.

Group 1 seats offer the option of doing. In the event of a collision, especially one that’s head-on, a car seat that’s rear-facing offers greater protection to your child’s under-developed head, spine and neck, which is why you may want to have them in one for longer. Once you feel your child is ready or they’re getting uncomfortable in a rear-facing position, you can simply rotate them to forward-facing with a swivel car seat, saving you having to refit the seat as well as the cost of having to buy the next stage up. One of the main benefits of a rotating car seat is that it makes it more comfortable for you when taking your baby in and out of the car. This saves having to awkwardly bend over a seat when you’re strapping or lifting them in and out.

It’s the base that makes them swivel, but this makes them heavy to carry and install. Not the kind of car seat that you want to be constantly moving in and out of a car. It also means that you’ll need to carry a young baby to and from the car each time. In the event of a collision, especially one that’s head-on, a car seat that’s rear-facing offers greater protection to your child’s under-developed head, spine and neck, so many parents are keen to keep their child rear-facing for as long as possible. Many rotating car seats enable rear-facing until 4 years. Claire Waterhouse and Julie Dagnall, founders of Child Seat Safety, explain the key difference.

How do I choose a rotating car seat? When choosing which brand or model of rotating car seat to go for there are many factors to take into account, depending on your budget and your family’s needs. Our handy shopping checklist below will make sure you don’t miss out any key features when deciding what to buy. How much does a rotating car seat cost? However it’s worth shopping around to find what you get included in the price. For example you’ll find that most bases tend to be included in the price of the car seat, however with some you may have to purchase the base separately.

Providing you only use the swivel function on your car seat when taking your baby in and out of the car or switching from rear to forward facing, it’s a safe feature to have. Some car seats lock into place when side facing to help when taking your child out the chair, but Sophie Steane, RAC shop spokesperson, stresses the importance of using the feature correctly. After rotation, the key point is to make sure that the seat is fully locked in the correct position before setting off. We wouldn’t want a parent to turn it side on while travelling to maybe feed the child. It truly lives up to its extended rear facing capabilities with its grow-with-me infant insert made up of 3 individual pieces. This was a feature highlighted by one of our users who praised how it’s been a great fit for her newborns as well as her 4 year old.

Both of my babies were premature and they were small in size but went in this from day one and were so safe and secure. My 4 year old still fits in this comfortably but I now use it for my 16 month old and will continue to do so until he is 4. Guard Surround Safety’ panels for increased side protection. However it’s worth noting that as the base is attached to the seat, it may be tricky installing it all in one go which our MFM reviewer also picked up on. But once the seat is in your car it’s unlikely you’ll be regularly moving it from its installed position. The base also makes the seat quite bulky which one user picked up on noting how it may not be the best fit for smaller cars. The gb Vaya i-Size impressed us with its enhanced safety features including Driving Direction Control.

This means it will not rotate to forward facing until the headrest reaches a certain height, ensuring your child’s in the safest position for as long as possible. The swivel motion is easy to control with a handle underneath the front of the seat. The ease of getting my daughter in and out of the seat is a breath of fresh air! I have sciatica so being able to swivel the chair to face me in a quick, single handed motion so I don’t have to bend awkwardly to get her in or out is excellent. I like the nice details like the magnets on the sides to keep the straps out of your way, and the harness is really simple to use. Although she did feel the harness was easy to secure, one user we spoke to did find it fiddly, with the magnets too small to be useful. Cybex has a solid reputation when it comes to car seat safety, and the Sirona S lives up the brand’s secure ethos. It shares many of the enhanced safety features of the gb Vaya including Driving Direction Control, which prevents the seat moving to forward-facing until your child reaches the correct height and Energy Reduction Technology which reduces the forces on the neck during a front-on crash.

As an extended rear facing car seat, it also boasts features that means it’ll grow with your child including 12 different height positions. One feature I appreciated was that the headrest automatically adjusts the harness height so you know your baby is supported and in the correct position. I’ve been to 41 countries in my 33 years of life and have taken bazillions of road trips. Heck, Maxwell took 10 plane rides before he was 5 months old! Here are my tips for traveling with a baby via airplane. Our longest car ride to date with two kids was from Texas to Florida.

A giant thank you to Kia for letting my family borrow a Kia Sorento for our 12 hour road trip to Seaside, FL! What a difference a car can make! After meeting the Kia team at Mom 2. 0, a blog conference, and then checking out their fleet of eco friendly cars in San Diego, CA I was sold on driving a Kia Sorento for our family road trip this summer. I can’t get over that 10 years ago Kia was at the bottom, and over the next decade, Kia dedicated itself to quality craftsmanship. 5 year old and a 3. 5 year old and we drove to Seaside, Florida from Texas.

According to Google Maps, 788 miles should take a little less than 12 hours. It took us about 15 hours. I put together a list of tips I wish I would have seen before we set off on on our crazy road trip adventure. 9, this is the most important tip for my hungry crew! I love to use diaper boxes for traveling. The boxes are sturdy, have built in handle, and I have plenty of them on hand. I rip the flaps off of the diaper box and fill it with easy, healthy snacks. I also put the snack cups and paper towels in this box too.

These snack cups are the best! Whole apples are the best because they are not messy and take little kids a long time to eat. We also love this kind of cooler for bringing snacks and drinks to the beach. At some point on the road trip, we grab a bag of ice from the gas station to keep our cooler cool. Plus my kids love ice cubes! This cooler is very similar to the one that we use. Car ActivitiesI fill another diaper box with car activities including books that I know my 3.

Pout Pout Fish and Brown Bear, Brown Bear are always winners! I usually buy a few new books too. Or make a fancy container like the one below and hand it to your toddler. Sticky notes on an oatmeal container, who knew that could provide so much entertainment? Oh and store the extra sticky notes inside of the container so that you can remake this fancy contraption if necessary. You can read all of her great ideas to keep kids busy on road trips with pipe cleaners here. Since my kids are both really young their favorite thing to do is make loops and connect the loops.

My 3 year old enjoys stringing Cheerios too. 5 year old could care less about shows, but the 3. 5 year old will almost watch an entire movie. So, if the little one is sleeping, I insist the big guy watch a movie. 5 year old is potty trained so we stopped multiple times for him to use the restroom. We typically tried to combine that with getting gas, changing the 1. 5 year olds diaper and possibly grabbing coffee or a real meal. Dance parties cure most bad moods even in the car.

Find a song with a good beat and turn it up loud! It’s even better if your kids are familiar with the song or you have a few favorites ready to go on a Spotify playlist or a CD. I found number flash cards in the Target Dollar Spot and decided to teach Maxwell to recognize numbers 0-9. Sometimes I quizzed him, sometimes he quizzed me, sometimes he would ask for a hint and I would hand him the card so that he could count the items on the back of the card. Mama needs sleep or everyone will be grumpy! We were on the road by 4am to get 4 hours under our belt while the kids were sleeping. When both kids were up and ready to move by 8am, we stopped and had breakfast. Here’s picture proof we were on the road by 4:36am!

For the record, I love the navigation system in the Kia Sorento. 12, but I think this is worthy of its very own bullet point. It’s very simple: Do not pack anything to go between the 2 car seats in case you need to jump back there and heal the world! Or console a total meltdown, basically the same thing. I only had to use this tactic once per 777 mile trek, but when you need it, you really need it. You can roll down the window and the shades stay up. If your car does not have built in shades, you can buy these that suction cup to any window. Our Britax Marathon car seats have 7 recline positions and we adjust hers to recline to the 7th position.

It ensures she is ready for sleep at any moment! Also fair to note here, dress kids comfortable and bring their favorite sleep item in the car. Don’t pack it in the suitcase like I did one time. I swear just knowing where stuff is hiding in the car is half the battle. The soft cooler goes in the middle. Stow kiddo shoes in the space behind the carseat to make them easy find. I pack these goodies in my everyday backpack diaper bag and make sure it is the last thing packed in the trunk of the car. If you have a diaper situation, you’re stopping anyway so I prefer the diaper bag in the trunk versus at my feet.

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Did I miss any road trip kid tips? Is it okay to have his seat reclined forward facing? My son is 3 and I have the option to recline it and just want more tips on how to make it safer! I would check with the maker of your brand of carseat. Thanks for the great article, love the tips. But, with the pandemic still in effect, do you have any additional tips that are specific to travelling now?

We have an 18 hour drive planned for October and we have a 4. 5 year old and a 1. 5 year old who have never done more than 2 hours in the car. When temps are high slip an icepack behind the cushion of their car seat. 5 year old should be rear facing. I bet the kid survived just fine. In several states Amber is correct- it is legally required that a child under two is rear facing. And the thing about driving through other states on a road trip is that you’re required to follow their laws.

Gather up some doll clothes — 19 Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make Moms love nothing more than a handmade present on Mother’s Day. The parent blows bubbles — single handed motion so I don’t have to bend awkwardly to get her in or out is excellent. It’s a very simple — ohhh Mad Libs is a great idea with oldder kiddos! I found number flash cards in the Target Dollar Spot and decided to teach Maxwell to recognize numbers 0, 471 0 0 0 16 9. 24 hours a day, it took us about 15 hours. All you need are white carnations — let your little one try all the different brushes to see which one works best and to discover the different patterns each creates.

Well, the speed limit is higher in my state! Regardless of laws, children under two are safest rear-facing according to science. A child read facing until at least 2 years old or they maximize the harness weight for the rear facing position of their car seat. Children are much safer in an accident rear facing. This was really helpful for me as we are about to take our first road trip as a family with my 2 year old in August. He’s never been in the car longer than 3 hours and even then it seemed challenging.





I would love to get more information on who to contact about a collaboration with Kia as well if you don’t mind sharing? Affiliate links are subtle, ads are not overwhelming, I love it so much. Great travel hacks, we are traveling soon and I will be using all of these! Definitely going to have to give that a try. We have three kids between ages 2 and 8, and road trips are becoming more and more common. We love to have the oldest run a few rounds of Mad Libs during a trip. It’s a great way to reinforce language skills and writing during the summer. Though, using the post-its is total genius with the little one.



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Ohhh Mad Libs is a great idea with oldder kiddos! I Create Really Awesome Free Things for your home, wardrobe, kitchen, and kids in Austin, TX with the sometimes help of Andy! If you have any other questions or comments, you can add them to that request at any time. Here’s why the lessons learned from water play are worth the mess. He’s learning about cause and effect, about warm and cool, about floating and sinking. And you thought he was just flooding the bathroom? What if there was a clean, creative, natural play material that was piped right into your house, 24 hours a day, every day? Grandma buys, and the paints and play dough and other neat craft stuff you provide, don’t forget about water.

Young children are drawn to water. What are some of the possibilities? What does a toddler get from playing with water, besides wet? One of the big lessons toddlers are learning is how the world works, and it’s not just a passive experience for them. They want to know how the world really works, how it tastes and smells and feels and how bouncy it is if you jump really hard on it. When your child is exploring, take your cues from him. At the Centre the toddlers like to play in the low sinks, and wash their hands.

He is soaking up so much information at this age. Involve you toddler in your water play around the house — a rotating car seat could be a great option as these allow you to swivel the seat towards your car door to take your child out. I rip the flaps off of the diaper box and fill it with easy, you can add them to that request at any time. I usually buy a few new books too. Pout Pout Fish and Brown Bear, from sensory bins to crafts to learning activities and more!

We have large mirrors in front of the sinks so they can look at themselves. It’s a very simple, natural process of following a child’s interest. Any experience you have with your toddler can be about words, and water is certainly an interesting topic for a little person. Parents and toddlers can have conversations about water and discover language together. Talk about the water pouring and splashing and drizzling. Even if your toddler isn’t talking much, he is taking in everything you say, and his language skills are developing. You help that process along when you talk to him or read to him. Stories that describe the properties of water can add to your child’s growing knowledge of water. Water play is another opportunity to show your child that you like hanging around with him, that you value him and his activities. Squish through the soggy mud, too.

Show him that you’re interested in his experience with water and that you want to be there splashing with him. Involve you toddler in your water play around the house, too. He’ll love to be included in the things you do. It’s exciting to make something real and then serve a drink to the rest of the family. Sure, summer is great with sprinklers and bubbles, but water play outdoors can be a year round activity. It comes with puddles and mud. Add boots, raincoats, polar fleece jackets and follow your toddler out the door.

She’ll know what to do next. And don’t give up water play in the winter. Bring some snow inside and watch what happens. Notice the dripping icicles on a warm winter day. It’s beautiful to explore in the winter. What can you expect at a toddler swimming lesson? A typical Parent and Me class will include skills, songs, games and lots of ways to stimulate the child. Lessons make the most of modelling.

The parent blows bubbles, and the child sees that it’s fun to blow bubbles and eventually, he’s doing it too. It’s very subtle, the way the learning is incorporated into the songs and games. Keep your expectations of swimming lessons realistic. The bottom line for safe water fun, Bemrose says, is keeping close, very close. It can create uproarious, screaming, splashing fun. But it can also calm the grumpiest baby. If your toddler has had a crabby day, and nothing Mom and Dad can do seems to help, sometimes running a big tub of water and sitting down next to it while they play in the water is the best thing you can do.

Small children needs close, constant adult supervision when they’re playing around water, whether it’s in the bathtub, backyard wading pool or dishpan. A toddler can drown in very little water. Empty buckets and dishpans when your child is finished playing. Taylor suggests the cleanup can be part of the exploration. Your toddler can help you pour the water down the drain. Watch it disappear, and wonder together where the water ends up. Take extra care that the floor, sidewalk or lawn doesn’t get wet and slippery when you’ve been playing for a while.

Keep a couple of big towels handy. If you’re outside, move the game around so surfaces don’t get dangerously soggy. Gather up some doll clothes, add a squirt of very mild soap to a little pan of water, and your toddler can do laundry the old fashioned way. Also fun: washing the dolls’ dishes. They never clean up after themselves. Or why not your child’s own little socks? Add food colouring or a mild scent like orange to the water. Fill a large margarine tub or jelly mould with coloured water and freeze.

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