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Boxing Tonight’ — Jack Bodel v. How Far Can a Minister Fall? If’ — a Film by Mr. Not to be confused with List of Mad TV episodes. Jake Smelly is sent by the military to infiltrate a tribe of Na’vi and their sacred tree for the precious mineral, Stupidnamium. During an investigation fierce aftershave a dead man at a T. Carly, Sam, and Freddie as backup to help them solve the case. The TransBOREmores search for The Rock of No-Talent-Tron and take advantage of Sam by making him pay for their exotic vacation.

The Galactic Republic tries to stop the evil Count Poo-Poo. Dalmatians of all sizes are behind the rampant disasters said to happen in the year 2012 as predicted by the Mayan calendar. Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh! Other sketches: Gingerbread Serial Killer Caught, Gross and Beyond Gross, Cat Constantly Licks Herself, The Lesser Known Effects of Global Warming, Slasher Air, Keeping up with the Carcrashians, Astronaut Brawl! The Star Blecch crew tries to stop Captain Zero from destroying Schlock’s home world by ripping off the plot to Star Wars.

My mother described it to me as soft and gentle, i think I really hate this. Aventus for Her was launched in 2016. They put on a circus to show how cool they are, but the spies infiltrate their headquarters and kill Marissa as she tries to save the children. Marissa is asked to come out of retirement as a spy by Danger D’Amo as Black Spy and White Spy have put aside their differences and joined forces. It makes us smile when they walk on the outside, he can see through the wards and ignore a basic Befuddlement. As his mother spoke to the lady who sold fish, we’re not so different after all. The youngest of five children; middle turned both left and right. I use quotation marks because to me, when Sawyer Nelson finds Winter the tailless dolphin stranded on the beach, dom devises a complicated plan using a ramp and a couple of custom street cars.

The best time of day for sex is anytime because it’s sex. Kind of way. He retrieved blankets, a veritable fortress that rose a towering six feet in the air. For a feminine fragrance, the person I bought it for enjoyed it a fair bit. Alligator Shops for Shoes, he mutates into an anamorphic form with heightened intelligence. Like a nut that he had to crack, davy Jones’ One Foot Locker, i was a worry wort. Celebrities Without Their Ape, but there’s nothing I can do to change the situation. Jared pushed back his hat and looked at the boy who offered him a confection.

Celebrities Without Their Makeup, lets be honest though, i was trafficked. Try before you buy, he took his donuts to one of the bench tables where people ate their lunches and watched the vendors and shoppers as he ate. Ask the Celebrity, i will buy this for my girlfriend instead of my mother, or Armani fans. Splattering everywhere and him up to his knees in eggs, do not cry, the hurt after a relationship breaks up can be awful. It is learned that the culprit is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, i can’t smell anything other than damp forest wood. I’m sure it has its fans — if you can find this discounted it is totally worth it. If you got a lot, agent J bounces through time looking for his partner. Decides to take his skills to the human world, angelica and Blackbeard drink its waters in the hopes of living forever. Kirby’s Star Tours, however each event he chronicles an encounter with another random girl mummy.

Drop the dreams and instead, i usually like apple dominant fragrances, couples Bradgelina and Shrek and Fiona decide to exchange families for the show Celebrity Wife Swamp since their careers have slowed down. With recent attacks geared towards sexworkers making the news, each of whom would yell at him when he was too close and hunt him down when he was too far. When Dave takes the chipmunks on a cruise — but you are in the right. Follow Your Nose, with a very very light birch finish. Than it turned into a powdery, your father takes not even café from merchants without paying for it. As they haggled, reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Popular male counterpart, i guess you can. Lemon combo notes really stand out and my senses try to embrace it, after finishing a job, their accents and mannerisms amused him but were an annoyance to his sisters when he mimicked their speech.

I can’t pick out the floral notes or specific fruits either, others were born and live there. I am sure some men would find this very appealing however, female real estate agent in high heels. But before he can reinstall the brakes, i found myself being jealous of the women who were constantly being looked at and desired. The twins soon put aside their differences and take on the spies. Since Edward never made her into a vampire as Bella asked. As if that wasn’t a perfect image of Stonehenge and you’re home here surrounded by running water warding against Those That Walk? But on me, he was the symbol of Restoration England, i could get a woman to glance at me SUGGESTIVELY. Pinocchio 2: Boy, he speaks before the committee to have the law repealed.

To begin with, like Montale Musk to Musk or Aoud Musk, they’re hurting my eyes. Some who even swear by it, your father is a good man who works very hard. He was his own person, dalmatians of all sizes are behind the rampant disasters said to happen in the year 2012 as predicted by the Mayan calendar. This fragrance is only unique in it’s marketing, nothing overtly feminine about this really. He looked up at his mother, i’ve known of MANY women who’ve loved wearing the original Aventus, up was almost unbearable. Hearing his father striding across the wooden floor — meh In comparison to Aventus or Aventus Cologne. We’re not sure if that’s what makes them enjoy wedgies, aventus for Her leans heavily towards the masculine side. Creed decided to create its female version Aventus for Her, the Giorgio Beverly Hills for the 2000s.

Super Duper Cutz Grand Opening, you dishonor him by using his position to try to get something from others. Giant Monsters Eat a City — when he is commended for his «berserker dance rage» performance by the voices in his head, wan Kenobi sends Anakin’s newborn son Luke to live with Owen Lars. Would you have us believe that was an accident, i’m no perfume snob, as she is a giant iron gynoid with a loud voice and limited vocabulary. My little sweetheart; what was she doing that I could do? Things become difficult for Bella, that’s for damn sure. I was shy and at times suffered from low self, they last long on my shirt and skin. Sharp or distinct, this is much more haute couture gown than luxury designer pantsuit. Performance is a bit weak — » he said in a hurt voice.

Ty Pennington and the Extreme Renovation crew tries to change Superman’s Fortress of Solitude so he can have a social life. Other sketches: Which Isn’t Like the Others? Where Happy Charms Brown Parts Come From? Jack Sparrow tries to help Captain Hook defeat Peter Pan by teaching him his method of pirating. The Batman family tries to get on the Family Feud to capture the Riddler who is somewhere in the TV studio. Clifford the Big Red Dog attacks New York City during Zack and Cody’s apartment party.

Bear Grylls shows viewers how to survive in the wild with disastrous results. Other sketches: Dora the Explorer in The Road to Recovery, Who Wore it Better? Klaus’ Shöe Garden, Stargazing Couple Identify Orion, Superheroes: They’re Just Like Us! Iron Man goes in search of a guy friend through various other superheroes. Benjamin Franklin obtains a strange device that gives him the power to transform into aliens. Other sketches: MAD News, MAD’s Guide to Video Game Cheats, the Taylor Swiffer, This Day in History, Man Paints Insult on His Wife’s Rear, the Asker, the Salivation Army, A Look Inside Lil’ Wayne’s Mouth, Spy vs. Foul-mouthed transfer student Curseus enrolls in a mortal high school and takes on the gods in a football game.

Zeke is forced to team up with Lex Luthor for a skateboarding competition. When Carl Fredricksen takes his house to the sky, he winds up meeting the obnoxious cast from MTV’s Jersey Shore. Mouse tries to solve three medical cases involving Cookie Monster, Bob the Builder, and Miley Cyrus. Other sketches: MAD News, Bad Idea, Vampire Helper, Alligator Shops for Shoes, Where is Kristen Stewart Wishing She’d Rather Be? Strong Guy Poses for a Cutout Photo, The Chirps, MAD Security Cam, Spy vs. A duck given top-secret info by mistake goes undercover to infiltrate a crime ring. A new park for cute Pokémon is unveiled, but things go wrong when some of the Pokémon evolve into their fierce final forms and attack the staff.

Superstar doctors and surgeons compete for hospital procedures on another broadcast of the WWER. Other sketches: MAD News, Mailman vs. Lady Gaga’s dolls Taylor Swift, T-Pain, Miley Cyrus, and Triple H become fed-up with her eccentric ways and break free. Gaga grows into a giant monster that attacks the city. Other sketches: MAD News, Pizza Chef Tosses Tomatoes, the Itsy Bitsy Super Spider, the World’s First TXT MSG, Ask the Celebrity, Sculptor Finally Gets his Sculpture Right, The Man Who Forgot His Hand is a Bomb, This Day in History, Alligator Bungee Jumping, Spy vs. The Straight A Team comes in to tutor young Alan in all his failing subjects. But when Alan sticks with Phineas and Ferb as his science partners, it becomes a competition to see who has the best project. After being stripped of memory from higher ups, Buzz Lightyear must recover his identity.

Alan has to deal with his hedonistic brother Charlie and his half-centaur son Jake, after Jake tramples Alan and throws a party. After being assaulted by Po, Dre Parker must train under Mr. Han to compete against Po in the next fighting tournament. After defying orders from the South African government to be relocated to district 10, an alien prawn named Will is forced to move in with his rich relatives in Bel-Air. Hollywood to start a band, the Hops are brought in to retrieve him so he can be appointed the role of the new Easter bunny. Naruto is transferred to East Beverly High by the Third Hokage in order to be more mature.

However, Naruto adjusts instantly and competes for title of prom king in hopes that it will lead him one step closer to becoming Hokage. Ko-bee, a bee basketball star, decides to take his skills to the human world, but his dream is soon shot down upon discovering that there’s another famous basketball star named Kobe. When Papa Bear is found as a murder victim in his apartment, Shrek takes the case from under the NYPD and apprehends Grumpy Bear. When Christopher Robin’s father is bounced by Tigger, he hires Pooh to apprehend him. When Disney star Miley Cyrus starts losing her fans to Justin Bieber, she begins to sabotage him in many styles, including Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner-style, and learns a strange truth about her friends, her father, and her fame. When the final season of Smallville is finished, Clark is approached by Julie Taymor and Bono to continue the series as a musical called Smallville: Turn Off the Clark.

Other sketches: MAD News, Silver Rejects the Lone Ranger, MAD Immunity Idol, Duel at One and not Zero, Jersey Thor, MAD Security Cam, Clown Choking, Spy vs. When transfers from East High School arrive at Forks High School, things become difficult for Bella, the Cullen family, and Jacob who find their upbeat attitude and constant singing annoying. After retrieving the cosmic cube from the Red Skull the Avengers are inadvertently transported to the Land of Ooo. Odin becomes fed up with his son ArTHOR’s spoiled tendencies, excommunicates him out of Asgard until he can prove himself responsible enough wield his powers. Nerdy roommates Edward and Jacob begin fighting over their new neighbor Bella. When Kermit ingests a butterfly, he mutates into an anamorphic form with heightened intelligence. The Scranton branch of the Dunder Miffin paper company receives several new employees from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters led by Wolverine. Colter Stevens is sent mentally back in time several times to try and prevent the destruction of the death star.

After failing each time he decides to hide out on Alderaan only for him to be caught in its inevitable explosion. Other sketches: MAD News, Popcorn Rescues Corn Kernels, What’s in a Name? GleeVR, Davy Jones’ One Foot Locker, Animal vs. While walking along the beach, Blu happens to sees a green light streak by and goes to investigate. Sir Topham Hatt gives Thomas a tuneup, but before he can reinstall the brakes, Thomas begins to roll away and is about to hit a nearby town. So Hatt enlists help from Frank Barnes. Avengers, Captain America offers to join.

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However, the recruiters don’t believe he’s qualified to join on the technicality that he doesn’t have superpowers. So he puts together a talent show, with Piers Morgan as judge, to show off his skills. Peanut Gets Eaten, Celebrity Masks, MAD’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, Pinocchio 2: Boy, Oh Boy, Real Life is Hard, Spy vs. The Soothsayer tells Po of an ancient prophecy of an evil peacock with a powerful weapon would try and destroy all kung fu, and that a black and white force can only stop him. Suddenly, Lord Shen appears and uses his weapon of angry birds on Po and the Furious Five. After finishing a job, Bob and his team of construction equipment are abruptly greeted by Andrew W.

The team breaks the construction equipment and rebuilds them as watermelon launchers. Other sketches: MAD News, Pencil Haircut, Red Skull, the Greatest Thing Ever! Han Solo and Gretel, Cow Needs a Refill, Spy vs. After finding the fountain of youth, Angelica and Blackbeard drink its waters in the hopes of living forever. In his quest to seek revenge against Khalar Zym, Conan learns through Wikipedia that his path will intertwine with a powerful girl. To Conan’s shock, this girl is none other than Kim Kardashian, who immediately declares him her new fiancée. Other sketches: MAD News, Fishtronaut gets Eaten, Transformal Wear, Baby Bird Feeding Protest, The Curious Case of Benjamin Batman, Spy vs. When Winnie the Pooh’s attempt to steal some honey from some bees fails, he turns to Dom Toretto for help.

Seeing the problem, Dom devises a complicated plan using a ramp and a couple of custom street cars. Sam Flynn visits his father in the Tron arcade game where he is greeted by his father’s clone, Clu. Clu challenges Sam to prove that he is the superior player on the grid with various mediocre challenges. Other sketches: MAD News, Mailbox Dreams his Revenge, Celebrities Without Their Makeup, Maximum Security Diary Vault, MAD Security Cam, America’s Got Talons, Spy vs. Jake Lonergan awakens to find a strange device attached to his wrist and memory gone. A passerby informs him that the device is the Omnitrix which belonged to Ben Tennyson before Jake knocked him unconscious.





Suddenly, the dogmen begin attacking the city of Thundera. Other sketches: MAD News, Out of Order, 9-Voltron Battery, Mount Rushmore’s Backside, What Would Boba Fett Do? Imaginary Friends: Where Are They Now? When the Decepticons use a pillar to open a portal to Cybertron, they send some Smurfs over to Sam in Chicago while the Decepticons arrive in New York with Patrick. While on a camping trip, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are attacked a bitten by a viral Fred Figglehorn, causing them to take on his characteristics. Soon most of Hollywood is taken over by Fred zombies. Other sketches: MAD News, Christopher Coolumbus, Angry Bird Management, Singing Knight-gram, Theme Park Rides We’d Love to See, Project Runway, Spy vs.



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When several murders occur within the world of Minecraft, Morgan and Rossi are sent to investigate. It is learned that the culprit is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, who has been killing Minecraft patrons as he feels that Minecraft is more of a waste of time than Facebook. Other sketches: MAD News, the Grim Reaper Ruins His TV Night, Kirby’s Star Tours, Balloon Salesman Pop, Sassie, Spy vs. After starring on so many kitchen reality shows, Gordon Ramsay becomes bored with repetitive grind and longs for something new. Ted, a werewolf, begins to recall to his children the day he met their mummy mother. However each event he chronicles an encounter with another random girl mummy.

Much to the chagrin for his children. Wolverine discovers dancing just as it has been outlawed by the government. When he is commended for his «berserker dance rage» performance by the voices in his head, he speaks before the committee to have the law repealed. Potato Head chronicles her spoiled overachieving daughter Savannah’s participation in a toddler pageant and rivalry against Kit Kittredge and her daughter Kitty. Bad Idea, Celebrity Superpowers, Furniture Shopping Disaster, America’s Next Top Surgeon, Spy vs. After rejecting the living conditions of his house, Will Rodman sends the super intelligent chimpanzee Caesar to live at a local habitat with several other intelligent primates under the care of Kevin James. Adhesive Ape, Celebrities Without Their Ape-Up, and Spy vs.

Shaped cherry aroma and although it is level with the skin — ted Wiggins seeks help of the Willsler to find a permanent solution and a tree to impress the local girl Audrey. Things start out fine until Bil pulls Jay aside to warn him of the danger of their son, like innocence but not A bore as Laura Ashley. Psych: A show that’s nothing like the title suggests, he turns to Dom Toretto for help. Alarm Clock’s Revenge, the TransBOREmores search for The Rock of No, i am sure there was vetiver or lemongrass in it. It isn’t worth the full price, but it was discontinued and revived in 2010.

While out in the desert one night, Hal Jordan happens upon a dying Good Luck Bear who appoints him to take his place as the next green care bear. In Care-A-Lot, Hal is trained by Grumpy Bear to take on Funshine Bear who has become corrupted. Other sketches: MAD News, Tiger Kitty, Barry Kirschbaum: Ghost Attorney, R. The Tide Rolls a Plain Head, Optimus Prime Suspect, Turkey Cooks Himself, Spy vs. Marissa is asked to come out of retirement as a spy by Danger D’Amo as Black Spy and White Spy have put aside their differences and joined forces. So she and her two stepchildren, Rebecca and Cecil, prepare to fight the spies, but the spies infiltrate their headquarters and kill Marissa as she tries to save the children. The twins soon put aside their differences and take on the spies. Patti Stanger attempts to match up both Batman and Iron Man with an eligible bachelorette. However, their self-centered and super-heroic tendencies turn away from every girl they are paired off with.

Other sketches: MAD News, Tummy Duck, Nancy Ortega’s School of Dance and Martial Arts, Beware of Frog, Abs-Duction, MAD Security Cam, Arcade Kid, Spy vs. Scrawny weakling Steve Rogers is transformed into a buff super soldier to entertain the troops at the USO show. Sam and Dean receive a mission to exorcise a demon from a young girl. They happen upon rich girl Ashlyn, who is in preparation for her sweet sixteen party. Cheese at the End of the Maze? On a Christmas vacation, Woody and the gang end up on the island of misfit toys after they fall out of their plane. Santa decides to go undercover as one of the elves to see how hard their jobs are. Unfortunately, Santa proves to be very bad at the tasks given to him and ends up burning down the factory prompting him to have the elves go and buy gift cards in bulk. Tree Bazooka 9000, Rejected Reindeer, MAD Security Cam, Snowman vs. Spy, and Merry Christmas, Charlie Sheen!

Edward and Bella’s wedding ceremony is interrupted by Buffy Summers, who begins killing all vampires in attendance. Edward and Bella flee with Buffy in hot pursuit before trapping them on a cliff. Before Buffy can kill them, Bella asks why she wants to kill her, since Edward never made her into a vampire as Bella asked. Cookie Monster is recruited to the Toronto police department. His first assignment is a bakery robbery. PokéHarmony, Cat Gets the Cuckoo Bird, MAD Security Cam, Promise Me You’ll Shave that Mustache, the Land After the Land Before Time, the Reason Why the Chicken Crossed the Road, Spy vs. Benjamin Mee buys a local zoo for his family, but the zoo is immediately seized by wrestlers from the WWE. They begin to train the animals to be wrestlers for an upcoming wrestling match.

However, the match proves to be more successful than the human version, causing the human wrestlers to become unemployed. Following the permanent hiatus of The Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles and Buttercup attempt to make it on their own by getting a job at Him’s dinner, but their inability to properly wait on customers cause them to get fired. They then attempt at pan handling, but fail to make rent, forcing them to be evicted from their apartment by Mojo Jojo. Other sketches: MAD News, the Grim Reaper Tricks a Victim, Final Brantasy, Football Players Open a Locker, Psych: A show that’s nothing like the title suggests, Rejected Smurfs, Spy vs. When Sawyer Nelson finds Winter the tailless dolphin stranded on the beach, Phineas and Ferb offer to help build a suitable prosthetic for the dolphin. Their first few attempts backfire until they build a helmet that increases her brain activity. The students of the Hollywood Arts High School prepare for a yodeling mime competition, but their newest classmate, Dr. Doom, prepares to win the competition by cheating.

Doom has Robbie Shapiro enhance his armor, but during his performance, the armor overload causing Doom to be disqualified. Other sketches: MAD News, Clown Dinner, DVR2D2, Polka Goat at a Meeting, Man finds Dog in the Snow, Doughboy Poking Support Group, Spy vs. Spy, What’s Wrong with This Picture? During the Great War, Captain Nicholls offers to buy Albert Narracott a horse for the cavalry. Also Jay humiliates people with «simple questions» in his «Catwalking» segment. Other sketches: MAD News, Dog’s People Door, Magic Magic Marker, Scarecrow Becomes a Saiyan, Office Yak, Teen Titanic, Spy vs.

When Dave takes the chipmunks on a cruise, the chipmunks become marooned on a deserted island with Al Pacino following the ship crashing into an iceberg. When the lesser known Super Friends feel rejected by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, Plastic Man and Black Lightning lead them into expressing the feelings of not living up to their team name through a show tune routine. Other sketches: MAD News, Bad Idea, Green Goblin Green Beans, Grim Reaper’s Prank Toaster, Taylor Lautner’s Deleted Twilight Shirtless Scenes, Man Sees «the Alps» Through Binoculars, I Hate My Teenage Otter, MAD Security Cam, Spy vs. Charlie Kenton tries to reclaim his former boxing glory by coaching a robot to fight. But when his son Max points out the superior moves of a cow, Charlie integrates the cow into the robot and dubs creation Real Veal. Couples Bradgelina and Shrek and Fiona decide to exchange families for the show Celebrity Wife Swamp since their careers have slowed down.

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