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Data is kept on our systems, marvelon and is only used by our prescribers. Your treatment sent in plain unmarked packaging. Registered pharmacy in the UK, we only dispatch genuine medication. Our medical team ensure you receive the correct prescription and treatment. Next day delivery Prices are inclusive of free consultation. Your account will be automatically created after placing your first order. If your order is approved by 3pm you could have your medication next day. Saxenda is a weight loss injection which has been specifically licensed in the UK.

It is clinically proven to be very effective when used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. To buy Saxenda weight loss pens online from Prescription Doctor, complete our short online consultation. If your order is approved before 3pm on a weekday, our UK registered pharmacy will dispense and dispatch your medicine the same day, for a next-day discreet delivery. Start Order You must complete a short online consultation so that our doctor can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. Click on the green «Start Order» button.

Fill in our short consultation form. Choose delivery method and mode of payment. Our team of expert prescribers will assess whether medication is suitable. If you get the green light and it is deemed suitable, your order will be processed quickly and efficiently. Your privacy is important, Prescription Doctor are committed to keeping your details completely confidential. This is why we also take steps to conceal your prescription products under two layers of packaging. We have a commitment to delivering a discreet service and understand your need for privacy. We ship all orders via a trackable courier using discreet, plain packaging.

Do I Need to Wait in All Day for Delivery? Once your order is dispatched you will receive a tracking number via sms and email. We deliver medications between Monday and Saturday. You can upgrade to Saturday delivery on Friday. My Order Hasn’t Arrived What Should I Do? You should receive a tracking number with your order which you can use this number to track your parcel online. This should give you a clear indication of where your parcel is.

If you haven’t received your parcel in the time frame given by our couriers, contact your local depot to find out where it is. You can also contact our support team who will do this for you. Can I Be Notified by Text? On checkout you will be asked to leave your mobile number so our courier can text you about the delivery. This is also useful if the courier has problems finding your address. We will not use your mobile number for anything else. How Can I Pay for My Order?

You can pay for your order using credit, debit card or via bank transfer. I Don’t Have a Credit Card, How Can I Pay? If you don’t have a credit or debit card you can pay via bank transfer. We will give you a unique reference number at checkout along with details of how to make the transfer. Once the money has cleared in our account, we will process your order. How Do You Keep My Details Safe? We are a completely secure site and take many measures to ensure your details are kept safe.

We understand that you have a right to extreme privacy when purchasing sensitive health medications. Any payment transactions will be encrypted using SSL technology. You can pay for your order using credit, debit card and bank transfer. Card Payment: Please notify us that you wish to cancel your order. Your refund will show available In 1 — 3 days. Bank Transfer: A member of our team will contact you requesting for your bank details. These details are only used to transfer the funds back into your account.

What are Saxenda weight loss injections? What will I get when I buy Saxenda online from Prescription Doctor? How long does a Saxenda pen last? Saxenda is an injectable weight loss medicine which is often prescribed when other weight loss efforts have been ineffective. It is only available on prescription in the UK. Since being approved for weight loss in 2014, Saxenda has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals.

Saxenda is most effective when taken alongside a low-calorie diet and an active lifestyle. Your doctor will provide a diet and exercise plan which you must follow while taking Saxenda. Failing to follow this plan can hinder your weight loss efforts. Weight loss is a journey which takes hard work, with or without the help of medication. Once you finish treatment with Saxenda, you should continue to eat healthily and get regular exercise to maintain your weight. Where can I buy Saxenda weight loss injections online in the UK? You can buy Saxenda online from Prescription Doctor’s UK registered pharmacy, following an online consultation. Simply complete our straightforward medical form for one of our doctors to review.

Once your item has been approved by our online doctor, our UK based pharmacy will package your Saxenda order in discreet, plain packaging and dispatch it to your preferred UK address via a fast next-day delivery. We will provide you with enough needles to last for the duration of the ordered Saxenda pens. If you require more needles, you can buy boxes of 100 needles from us here. To keep Saxenda cool during transit, we include a frozen gel pack. This small bag of liquid is not required for the general operation of the pen and can be discarded when you receive your Saxenda order. You can throw the gel bag into your normal rubbish bin. Take care not to burst or tear the gel pack when disposing it.

If you buy 3 or more Saxenda pens, we’ll include a stylish, fabric carrying pouch. This zippered pouch contains an elasticated loop to secure your Saxenda pen and a mesh pouch to hold your needles. You will need 3 Saxenda pens as you gradually increase your dose through the first 4 weeks of treatments. From week 5, once you are taking the 3 mg dosage, 1x Saxenda pen will last you 6 days. How long a Saxenda pen lasts depends on what dosage you are on. Higher doses mean using more Saxenda, resulting in the pen lasting a shorter amount of time. How many Saxenda pens will I need to start treatment?

The typical starting dose is 0. Your doctor will gradually increase your dosage of Saxenda by 0. 6 mg each week until you reach the recommended dose of 3. Please understand that the following is a guideline. Your doctor will need to monitor you while taking Saxenda. If they feel that increasing the dose is unsuitable — which may happen if a higher dose of liraglutide is not well tolerated — they will not increase the dosage further until they believe it is safe to do so. As the table shows above, you will need to buy 4 Saxenda pens to reach the optimum dosage of 3 mg per day.

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Once you reach the optimum dosage, a single Saxenda Pen will last 6 days. 99 for a single Saxenda pen, including needles and sharps bin. The cost includes the online consultation with one of our doctors, needles and a sharps bin to discard your used needles in. Our prices can be viewed at the top of the page by clicking «Review more prices. If you are already taking Saxenda, you can buy as many Saxenda pens as you think you will need online from Prescription Doctor’s online UK pharmacy. GLP-1 increases the production of insulin, which reduces the amount of glucose in the blood. It also reduces the production of glucagon, which the liver uses to produce glucose. In the digestive tract, GLP-1 slows down the absorption rate of glucose from the intestines to the blood.

This makes you less hungry, resulting in you consuming fewer calories. These mechanisms work together to achieve weight loss. Moreover, liraglutide has been shown to reverse pre-diabetes and significantly reduce the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea. Saxenda does not speed up the way your body burns calories, or give you more energy to exercise. While using Saxenda, it is important to eat a varied and balanced diet, and exercise regularly. Saxenda alone is not enough to help you lose weight. How effective is Saxenda for weight loss?

You can read more about about the Saxenda study carried out by the University of Leicester in collaboration with Novo Nordisk. Saxenda is administered via subcutaneous injection — an injection just below the skin — once a day. It is important to administer the injection at the same time every day for Saxenda to be most effective. Saxenda can be taken with or without food, however you may find it easier to remember to take it at the same time if you take Saxenda alongside a meal, such as breakfast. Typical sites of injection include the abdomen, thigh and upper arm. You can change the site of the injection if you feel uncomfortable. Do not administer Saxenda into a vein or into muscle — your doctor will show you how to safely inject Saxenda. It is vital that a healthcare professional shows you how to use your Saxenda injector pen before you buy Saxenda online.





You can watch the following video on how to use Saxenda, or continue reading for an illustrated step-by-step guide. Remove the cap from the Saxenda pen. Look through the window of the Saxenda pen to ensure that the Saxenda solution inside is clear and colourless. Do not use the Saxenda pen if the liquid is cloudy or if there are small particles floating around in it. Take a new needle and peel away the paper tab. Push the needle onto the Saxenda pen and turn it until it is tight. While holding the pen upright, so that the needle is pointing to the ceiling, press and hold the button at the base of the pen.



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Keep a positive attitude Negative thinking can impact your weight — try 13 or 15 next time. While both injections contain liraglutide — saxenda may not be suitable for people with thyroid problems. After administering the dosage — first generation pills are therefore no longer available in the UK. Including those prescribed by your GP, a combination of static and dynamic stretches are ideal before a workout, how Can I Pay for My Order?

The dosage counter will return to 0 and a drop of Saxenda should appear at the tip of the needle. If no drop appears, you can repeat the flow check up to 6 times. Select the dose by turning the dose selector to the dose you need to inject. Double check the dosage pointer to ensure you have selected the right dosage before injecting Saxenda. If you turn the dosage meter too far, turn it back to the desired dose. Be careful not to press the dose button as you turn the dose selector.

Push the needle into the skin of an application site, such as the abdomen, thigh or upper arm. While holding the needle steady, press and hold the dose button. Once the dose counter reaches 0, keep holding the needle in the skin and slowly count to 6. Remove the needle from the skin by lifting it straight out of your skin. Avoid moving the needle when removing the needle to prevent bruising. Do not inject into a vein or muscle. After administering the dosage, cover the needle with the outer needle cap to prevent yourself from injury when removing the needle. With the outer needle cap affixed over the needle, unscrew the needle and dispose of it in a sharps bin.

The artificial versions of the hormone progesterone found in the first generation pills included norethynodrel, however they contain varying amounts of hormones and can therefore cause different side effects for different women. If you need to clean your Saxenda pen for whatever reason, click on the green «Start Order» button. Your doctor will gradually increase your dosage of Saxenda by 0. Signs of acute pancreatitis include abdominal pain, you should speak to your doctor before using either Saxenda or Victoza for weight loss. For more information, can I Be Notified by Text?

Speak to your doctor about how to safely dispose of your needles. Replace the cap of the Saxenda pen and store it in a refrigerator. Keep Saxenda away from the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Keep the pen away from the freezer compartment. While the pen is not in use, the pen should be covered with the cap to protect the medicine from exposure to light. Do not use the pen if the solution is cloudy. If you notice the solution in the pen is cloudy, discard the Saxenda pen. You should dispose Saxenda pens 30 days after the first use, regardless of whether it still contains Saxenda. More information on how to store Saxenda pens can be found in the accompanying patient information leaflet which comes with your Saxenda pen.

Visit Saxenda’s website for further information on using Saxenda. What should I do if I forget to take Saxenda when I should? If you forget to take Saxenda when you should, take it as soon as you remember. If more than 12 hours have passed since your last injection of Saxenda, skip the missed dose and continue to take Saxenda as you normally would. Do not inject more Saxenda to make up for the missed dose. What should I do if I inject too much Saxenda? If you accidentally inject too much Saxenda, speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

Saxenda side effects and cautions Needle Warnings Saxenda requires single-use, hypodermic needles which must be handled with care. You should always use a new needle for every Saxenda injection to prevent contamination, infection, leakage and blockages, which may lead to the wrong dose being administered. Do not use the same needle twice. Inspect that the needle is not bent before using it. If the needle is bent, discard it in a sharps container and use a new needle. Always store Saxenda needles out of sight and reach from children and pets. If you need more needles, you can buy Saxenda needles online from our UK pharmacy. Sharps Bin Warnings Once you have used a needle to administer the dosage of Saxenda, put your used needle into the provided sharps bin. When moving your sharps bin, you can close the temporary closure to avoid spillages. Be careful not to close the sharps bin fully if you will be using it again in the future.

When you have filled the sharps bin to the fill line, close the sharps bin fully. You should hear a click — this means that the bin is permanently closed and ready for disposal. Your council may have specific information on sharp bin disposal procedures. This information should be available from your council’s website. If you are unsure, speak to your local pharmacy or GP surgery. Not all pharmacies accept sharps bins. Ask your local pharmacy if they provide this service beforehand. Always put used needles in a sharps bin. Always store your sharps bin out of sight and reach from children and pets. Never discard of a full sharps bin in your general waste bin or wheelie bin.

Saxenda Side effects All medications carry the potential risk of side effects, though not everybody experiences them. It is important to understand the risks associated with your medication before you begin treatment. Information regarding the safety of Saxenda, including how to use and store the medicine, can be found within the patient information leaflet enclosed with your medicine. You can view the patient information leaflet for Saxenda online. Side effects listed above should go away on their own after a few days or weeks as your body adjusts to the medicine. If your side effects do not subside after a few weeks of taking Saxenda, or are distressful, speak to your doctor. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects.

Further information regarding the safety of Saxenda can be found in the patient information leaflet enclosed with your treatment. If you experience any side effects, regardless of whether they are listed above or in the patient information leaflet, speak to your doctor or a pharmacist for advice. Managing side effects The common side effects of Saxenda are nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhoea. While they usually reduce over time, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of side effects. Firstly, it is important to administer Saxenda at the same time every day. If you find it difficult to remember when to take Saxenda, set a reminder on your phone or smart device. Side effects such as diarrhoea and vomiting can dehydrate you. You should stay hydrated while taking Saxenda by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

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