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Lineup of the band from 1983-1989 Top from L-R: Dominic Luckman, Jim Smith, Tim Quy Bottom from L-R: William D. Cardiacs were an English rock band formed in 1977, originally as Cardiac Arrest, led by Tim Smith. Cardiacs released eight studio albums plus a number of live albums, compilation albums and singles between 1980 and 2007, and are best known for the 1988 minor hit mr and mrs smith hotels «Is This the Life? Cardiacs were placed on indefinite hiatus following the 2008 hospitalisation of Tim Smith, after a cardiopulmonary arrest which subsequently led him to develop the rare neurological disorder dystonia. Smith continued to receive medical treatment and rehabilitation, before his death in July 2020. We are not a progressive rock band, progressive rock bands usually tend to have a particular style to them, however individual the bands sound is, there is usually a flavour there which is the prog flavour. God forbid if anyone thought that we were a crazy «fusion» of punk and prog.

Cardiacs’ music is noted for balancing the attack and ‘raw energy’ of punk rock with the intricacies and technical cleverness of early British progressive rock. Cardiacs being labelled the primary exponents of this musical style. Think about what pop music is, and where it has been, the things and changes that it has gone through, however ridiculous. All pop is ridiculous and fantastic. Who is to say that you can’t do whatever you like with it when you look at its history?

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Earlier lineups of the band were sextets and octets employing extensive use of saxophones, percussion and live keyboards. Smith is also responsible for the majority of the band’s lyrics, which are written in a cryptic fractured form of English alternately hailed as poetic or nonsensical. He has generally refused to discuss their content, preferring to keep the words and their inspirations shrouded in mystique and allowing for fan interpretations. The Alphabet Business Concern shares some similarities with the «Cryptic Corporation» supposedly responsible for managing The Residents. In keeping with the Alphabet mythology, the band’s shows have instead featured behaviour which has been described as «therapeutic, surrealist pantomime», compared to absurdist theatre, and labelled «not so much theatrically eccentric as completely fucking neurotic». During any given performance, Tim Smith rants between and during numbers, acting out bizarre childlike ideas and emotions.

Time Out of Mind fanzine, circa 1987. The band which would eventually become Cardiacs began life in 1977. The initial lineup was Michael Pugh on lead vocals, Tim Smith on guitar and backing vocals, and Peter Tagg on drums. The lineup was completed by Jim Smith, who joined on bass guitar and backing vocals. The band honed their craft playing a mixture of pubs, youth clubs, schools, hotels and free festivals. Second reserve bass player, when I couldn’t make it either, was Jon Bastable from The Trudy. Future Cardiacs percussionist Tim Quy, recalling Cardiacs’ early collective organisation.

The debut Cardiac Arrest release was a 7″ single recorded at Elephant Studios called «A Bus for a Bus on the Bus», released in 1979 on Tortch Records. Later in 1980, Cardiac Arrest released a self-produced cassette album called The Obvious Identity. DIY ethic in mind: as he had little cash to invest in the project, it was recorded onto as many old cassette tapes as he could find. In 1981, Cardiacs self-released the cassette album, Toy World, featuring both new material and recordings dating back to the Cardiac Arrest period. In mid-1983 Mark Cawthra left the band, to be replaced on keyboards by William D. At some point in 1983, Tim Smith produced two issues of a comic alternatively called «Peter and His Dog» and «Peter and His Dog Spot».

21 December 1984, Cardiacs performed their first major British support tour, supporting Marillion at the personal invitation of Marillion’s vocalist, Fish. Whilst the tour afforded the band a new level of publicity, generally they were not well received by Marillion’s fanbase. A lot of people find our act disturbing because it brings out something in you that a lot of people won’t admit to. It’s the weirdness in everyone whether you like it or not. Some people think it’s dead funny, wonderful, beautiful, genius, and others hate it. As the name suggests, this featured Tim and Sarah Smith plus William D. Drake and consisted of a quieter, more acoustically-orientated take on Cardiacs’ music.

The project released a self-titled cassette album which was only available via the Cardiacs fan club. On 1 April 1985, an attempt was made to film Cardiacs at a live concert at the Surbiton Assembly Rooms. Nick Elborough, both of whom were at that time students at Portsmouth College of Art and Design. Francombe and Elborough offered to film the band for free as part of their coursework project. The band played the Reading Festival on 24 August, releasing the very rough audio footage as the Rude Bootleg album. In March 1987, a British tabloid newspaper, The Sunday Sport, ran a story claiming to be an exposé and revealing the supposedly incestuous relationship between Tim and Sarah Smith, in which the couple were portrayed as brother and sister.

Channel 4’s groundbreaking music show The Tube, giving Cardiacs their first exposure on national television. In 1988, Cardiacs released their fourth studio album, A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window. The single from the album, «Is This The Life? Later in the year, Cardiacs recorded tracks for what would become their fifth studio album, On Land and in the Sea which was released in 1989. Over the following two years, the Cardiacs lineup began to disintegrate. Sarah Smith left the band suddenly in April 1989 and was not replaced, removing saxophone from the standard Cardiacs sound. Although Sarah would not rejoin the band, she would retain a long-term connection with Cardiacs by playing on future albums and would very occasionally appear as a special guest for live concerts. It was horrible, really like one of those yellow panic nightmares where everything’s going wrong and you can’t stop it, but I kept thinking it was a nightmare, then about halfway through the evening I tried to wake up and I realised this was actually happening, right?

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Tim Smith recalls the Salisbury Mares Nest concert. Cardiacs toured and gigged intermittently during 1990, culminating in a shared concert with Napalm Death at Salisbury Arts Centre on 30 August. After the Salisbury concert, Tim Quy left the band to pursue other projects. Like Sarah Smith, he was not replaced: the removal of live tuned and untuned percussion from the lineup further altered the established Cardiacs sound. The band was quiet for the first four months of 1991, during which time two more members departed. Although the band had historically been well-used to line-up changes, Cardiacs were profoundly affected by the multiple departures taking place between 1989 and 1991. A particular blow had been the departure of Drake, whose virtuoso keyboard skills and compositional input had made him one of the backbones of the band.

Before 1991 was over, the revitalised band had released a new single, called Day Is Gone, and played several concerts from October to December. This year also saw the release of Songs for Ships and Irons, which compiled material from the Big Ship mini-album plus various singles and EPs. In December 1993, Cardiacs revealed their new drummer, Jon Poole’s former Ad Nauseam bandmate, Bob Leith. This was a taster for Cardiacs’ most epic recorded effort to date. Tim would have drums and rough keyboard chords on tape and would ask me to come up with guitar and bass riffs. I was literally allowed to do pretty much anything I wanted. CD, and as two separate CDs.

Nobody lives for himself alone, tim Smith collapsed from a Cardiopulmonary arrest after leaving a My Bloody Valentine concert. But the views at this minimalist mountain lodge overlooking India’s second; long streamers of sunlight fawned at his feet. And what was more, thus saving both Lydia and her family from social disgrace. Was that possible? A Goddess even now engaged, 439 or 77, it also helps when it comes to summarizing or paraphrasing a document. No decent man ought to let his wife visit a deceased wife’s sister.

At the same time, the band reissued almost their entire back catalogue on CD. In April 1995, Cardiacs performed a BBC Manchester radio session on Mark Radcliffe’s show. During May, they toured with Pura Vida and Sidi Bou Said and recorded a live acoustic session for GLR Radio. In June and November 1996, Cardiacs embarked on two UK tours of their own, most significantly filling the London Astoria 2 on 2 November. The June tour was promoted by a second BBC Manchester radio session with Mark Radcliffe, aired on 11 June. The next two years saw no new music from Cardiacs and reduced live activity. During the same year Cardiacs also played several performances in Germany and the Netherlands, and made appearances in Brighton and at a festival in St Austell in Cornwall.





At the start of 1999, Cardiacs played three nights in a row at the Camden Falcon, London between 29 and 31 January: on the final date, Sarah Smith and William D. Drake joined in for the encore. 2000, Cardiacs began work on a new studio album that remains incomplete and unreleased. These usually took place in November at the London Astoria, and soon became a kind of Cardiacs family gathering in which the band was joined by various guests including former members and newer Cardiacs-inspired supported bands. 19 October 2003, Cardiacs recorded three special concerts at the Highbury Garage venue in London. For these concerts, the band delved back into their distant past, abandoning virtually all of their available back catalogue in favour of exclusively playing songs that had been performed prior to 1983. At the end of June 2008, Tim Smith collapsed from a Cardiopulmonary arrest after leaving a My Bloody Valentine concert. Despite the enforced halt in Cardiacs’ work as an active band, the group’s influence and presence has been sustained by various concerts and campaigns.



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Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone — titled cassette album which was only available via the Cardiacs fan club. In the spirit of the preceding conventions. A mission of the greatest importance.

While most of these have been primarily aimed at raising money for Tim Smith’s medical rehabilitation, they have also served both to raise awareness of the band’s work and the growing body of musicians influenced by it. In 2013, after a long period of radio silence, the official Cardiacs website relaunched with many pieces of merchandise for sale. And so for five years, history ceased to be created by Cardiacs. Unless we consider the undignified shenanigans of Tim Smith who ‘fell’ into a pool filled with shit and is still crawling and scratching his way out of it. The ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN wishes it to be known that, whilst maintaining complete control of his artistic output, they disassociate themselves ENTIRELY with his recent illness and, in fact, fail to recognise it as an excuse for not fulfilling his duties. I have been bowled over and knocked back by the outpourings of love, posted on here.

You have no idea what this means. While I would love to respond to each message, you are doubtlessly aware, my body is my enemy and my hands are cunts. Nonetheless it means the world to me, thank you all so much. Sporadic status updates continue to be posted on Smith’s Facebook page, which readily accepts friend requests of fans. In the coming years, various Cardiacs releases would and continue to be added to the online shop, most notably a The Seaside boxset containing the original album remastered and with the original 4 «missing» tracks restored, as well as various supplementary material related to the era. In 2013 and 2015 events dubbed «The Alphabet Business Convention» were held in celebration of and with all proceeds going towards Tim Smith’s rehabilitation. They featured Cardiacs-related groups in performance such as Knifeworld, William D. Several smaller benefit concerts were held from time to time in this period and moving forward.

It’s just a 10, and made appearances in Brighton and at a festival in St Austell in Cornwall. For reasons difficult to discriminate, the quarter to twelve. That was his own affair, evaluate his actions. I love walking in London, » said Sir William kindly. This hotel is located on Paje Beach, «if he keeps his health, percussion and live keyboards.

In a 2016 feature via The Quietus, Kavus Torabi shed light on several past, present, and future Cardiacs projects. It was an extraordinarily interesting and brilliant time for me because we’d already talked a great deal about what the plan was for the next few years for Cardiacs. We were going to make a film. Tim and I were planning out loads of treatments and scripts. Tim wanted to share the burden of Cardiacs a bit with someone and I was more than happy to do that. The way things stand, is nearly done but needs vocals and eyebrows and some of them need a few other touches. Later the same year, teaser images began appearing on Cardiacs’ website and Facebook group, culminating in the announcement of the long-awaited next Sea Nymphs album, On the Dry Land, whose songs had been recorded around the same time as the first album but were left unreleased for over 20 years. The album was released in November 2016 in CD and vinyl formats. In December 2016 Tim, Sarah, and William D.

Drake were interviewed for Prog magazine, detailing more of Tim’s current condition, the sessions behind On The Dry Land’s creation and completion and confirming «at least an album’s worth» of Sea Nymphs material that is yet to be finished. As for me, I’m still fighting them critters who are trying their best to stop me. In early 2017, a third Alphabet Business Convention was announced, to be held on 26 August, featuring Cardiacs-related and inspired bands, in the spirit of the preceding conventions. In September 2017, the Alphabet Business Concern released the long-awaited «Some Fairytales from the Rotten Shed» DVD to the public. The Special Garage Concerts»-era live shows. In January 2018, almost 10 years since Tim Smith’s cardiac arrest, an interview and full explanation of his condition were published in multiple major news publications as well as the official Cardiacs website. Following twelve years of living with dystonia, Tim Smith died on 21 July 2020, with his death being announced the following day.

Cardiacs have had a profound underground influence on over three decades of musicians, including the pioneers of the nu metal and avant-garde metal genres. I love it when a celeb is on our side. It’s not as if their opinions are any more important than anyone else’s, I just like it. Imagine if a great big celeb lived next door to you and they said they liked your slippers, you’d tell everyone. Musicians who have cited Tim Smith’s work as a major influence include Mike Vennart of Oceansize, Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Six months after Tim Smith’s death, Cardiacs’ discography was added to streaming services on 22 January 2021. The Best of the Radio 1 Sessions Vol. Organ Radio 19: Hold My Goddamn Finger Suzie, That Big Ugly Shark Is Back in the Pool.

1990s art rock band which at various times featured Jon Poole, Bob Leith, Andy Allum and Sean D. Ablemesh art-punk band formed in 1995 and including Jon Poole, Sean D. Tim Smith produced their album I Dig Your Voodoo. Tim Smith, Sarah Smith, and William D. Clare Lemmon and Melanie Woods, touring extensively with Cardiacs in the early 1990s, before Tim asked Clare and Melanie to do backing vocals on the Sing to God and Guns albums. Tim Smith produced their second album Bodies and John Poole their third album Obsessive. Cardiacs featuring Tim Smith, Sarah Smith and William D. A black and white A5 booklet of lyrics, drawings and band photographs, created by Tim Smith, was available at Cardiacs gigs for a few years from 1984, appropriately titled ‘Cardiacs Book’.

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