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AMHERST — OCTOBER 18: Author Norton Juster at his home. Norton Juster, the celebrated children’s author who fashioned a world of his own in the classic «The Phantom Tollbooth» and went on to write such favorites as «The Dot and the Line» and «Stark Naked,» has died at 91. Juster’s death was confirmed Tuesday by a spokesperson for Random House Children’s Books, who did not immediately provide details. Juster’s friend and fellow author Mo Willems tweeted Tuesday that Juster «ran out of stories» and died «peacefully» the night before. Norton’s greatest work was himself: a tapestry of delightful tales,» Willems wrote. As Juster wrote in the introduction to a reissue of «Phantom Tollbooth,» he first thought of the book when he was in his late 20s phantom hire working at an architectural firm in New York City. He found himself wondering, the way a child might, about how people relate to the world around them, and eventually turned it into a story. Published in 1961, «The Phantom Tollbooth» followed the adventures of young Milo through the Kingdom of Wisdom, a land extending from The Foothills of Confusion to The Valley of Sound.

Drawings were provided by his roommate at the time, Jules Feiffer, who would later collaborate with Juster on «The Odious Ogre,» published in 2010. Eric Carle of «The Hungry Caterpillar» fame illustrated Juster’s «Otter Nonsense,» which came out in 1982. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. You can choose your perfect luxury hire car and get a price in just 3 steps. We have over 80 cars available and offer nationwide delivery on all self drive hires.

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The character has claws similar to Sabretooth’s claws. He has a healing factor, enhanced physical capabilities, and temper similar to Wolverine’s. His healing factor allows him to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure and affords him virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs, as well as enhanced resistance to diseases. Gwendolyne «Gwenny» Lou Sabuki was the second Golden Girl introduced by Marvel, making her first appearance in 1978, but her World War II-era character predates the post-war, Betsy Ross, Golden Girl. During World War II, teenaged Gwenny Lou Sabuki, the daughter of Japanese-American scientist Dr. The Kid Commandos even fought the Invaders, when they disagreed with the military’s use of a Tsunami Bomb, which would have caused too much collateral damage.

The bomb was never used, when the Invaders saw the testing sight was populated with civilians. Gwenny Lou later helped found the post-war organization known as the V-Battalion. Gwenny eventually changed her superhero name to Golden Woman, before she died in 1961. Her son and her granddaughter became the superheroes Golden Sun and Goldfire, respectively, though Golden Sun died when his own daughter was five years old. After being exposed to a scientific invention, the Golden Girl gained the power to generate light and energy. She can also project golden force beams from her hands. Rafael ‘Rafe’ Scarfe is a fictional New York City Police Lieutenant in Marvel Comics.

Rafe was a former Vietnam War veteran who returned to New York to become a police officer. He grew close to his partner Misty Knight and when she lost her arm in a bomb explosion, Scarfe never left her side. Scarfe appeared in Luke Cage, portrayed by Frank Whaley. Roy Thomas, Archie Goodwin, and Frank Robbins. Scarlet Scarab is the name of two fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. According to Roy Thomas, the Scarlet Scarab, like the Silver Scarab in Infinity, Inc. Dan Garret incarnation of the Blue Beetle «about whom I had written my second professional comics story back in 1965. Abdul Faoul was a famous archeologist during World War II.

He unearthed the Ruby Scarab, an artifact that was originally created to battle the Elementals, around 3500 B. Faoul touched the mystical power-object, he became the Scarlet Scarab and became a champion of Egypt during World War II. Faoul worked as a liaison between the Allied Forces and the Egyptian government, and led the Human Torch and Namor to a recently excavated pyramid in search of the fanatic nationalist group, the Sons of the Scarab. Faoul, who was actually the leader of the Sons of the Scarab, tricked the heroes into opening the vault where the fist-sized ruby was kept. Faoul had not realized that the gem’s crafter, a powerful pre-dynastic Egyptian sorcerer named Garret, had placed an enchantment on it that it would return to Garret’s tomb whenever it had exhausted its store of mystical power. Faoul spent the next twenty years in search of the ruby, not realizing it had returned to where he had found it. Abdoul continued searching until his death. As his dying act, he requested his son Mehemet to continue his quest.

Mehemet received from his father the strongbox in which he had kept the Ruby Scarab. Inside was the costume he had worn as the Scarlet Scarab, a journal of his exploits, and a photo of the ruby. Mehemet considered it his duty to continue his father’s quest, searching for years as his father had. Finally, Mehemet came to the gem’s final resting place. Holding the ruby, he gained the powers of the Scarlet Scarab, and set out to become Egypt’s new champion. The Schizoid Man is an alias used by two fictional supervillains who appear in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Chip Martin first appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. Schizoid Man joined Vil-Anon, a twelve-step program dedicated to helping individuals overcome criminal tendencies which also consisted of Armadillo, Equinox, Hypno-Hustler, Jackson Weele and Man-Bull. In Civil War: Battle Damage Report, it is revealed that Chip and Lectronn engaged in a three-hour fight over New York that ended in a stalemate. Schizoid Man was among several super-powered criminals housed in an unnamed ill-equipped prison in the Avengers Vs. Rogue and Mimic had to fight the two off during a prison riot where Schizoid Man was trying to get control of himself. The Schizoid Man possesses the power of building and animating solid constructs with his mind. The Ultimate Marvel equivalent of Schizoid Man is an unnamed genetically-modified French citizen thanks to Jamie Madrox’s stolen stem cells. He uses his similar self-replication powers to control a riot before joining the Liberators.

Midget was amongst the first of the Imperial Guard encountered by the team of superhuman mutants known as the X-Men who sought to rescue the Princess Lilandra from her insane brother emperor D’Ken. Some time later, when Deathbird was empress, Midget joined the other Imperial Guard members in battle against Excalibur and the Starjammers. Later, on Deathbird’s behalf, Midget assisted the other Imperial Guardsmen in battle against the X-Men and Starjammers, but was defeated by them. Midget is renamed Scintilla at the outset of Operation: Galactic Storm, an intergalactic war between the Shi’ar and the Kree. American comic books published by Marvel Comics. In Carnage Born, it’s revealed that Scorn got corrupted and started a cult in worshiping Knull. She with her followers retrieve the Grendel symbiote’s remnants from the Maker, along with Kasady’s damaged body following the Venomized event.

After implanting the remnants inside Kasady who started to fight for control. The Scorn symbiote appears in the Spider-Man: Maximum Venom animated television series, voiced by Kylee Russell. This incarnation displays super-strength and shapeshifting abilities, is a member of the Symbiote Sisters, and the older sister of the Venom symbiote. Grady Scraps is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Grady Scraps makes his animated debut in Marvel’s Spider-Man, voiced by Scott Menville. This version is a teenage genius, though he still retains his comedic personality. After a difficult childhood, Jillian Marie Woods left home to attend the University of San Francisco.

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While there she met occult lecturer Anthony Ludgate Druid, the super hero known as Doctor Druid. They discovered that a psychic link existed between them. N’Kantu, the Living Mummy, joined a team, led by Dr. Druid to assume the responsibility of organizing the Secret Defenders, Jillian, Luke Cage and Deadpool were assembled to prevent Malachi from reassembling the Moebius Stone. They set out to oppose Malachi at a tomb where a corpse held the last fragment of the Moebius Stone in a ring upon its finger. They were joined by Cody Fleisher, Cadaver, a teenager Malachi killed who Agamotto re-animated to serve as his Pale Horseman.

However, Malachi obtained the last fragment, and caught Shadowoman and Dr. Mathieson confronted Swarm, as it attempted to control the Rand-Meachum supercollider. Jillian was immune to Swarm due to her powers, and helped free Dr. Druid and Cadaver from the creature’s clutches. Returning from their encounter with Swarm, Jillian asked Dr. Druid to explain to her what she had become. Druid promised to do so, but cast her into the Bride of Slorioth.

Within the statue, Jillian encountered the dark side of Dr. Druid’s soul, and learned from it what Dr. She emerged from the statue furious, and assaulted Dr. Sepulchre and the others met up with Deathlok, Dagger and Drax, their teammates for this mission. Druid led them to the Gates of Perdition, where he was to confront the demon Slorioth. The two teams of Defenders fought Slorioth, but Sepulchre and Cadaver were taken aside by Joshua Pryce to face the real threat — Dr.





Druid, corrupted by his dark side. Druid claimed that everything he had done had been for Jillian, then attacked his one-time allies. Druid had taken control of her soul, he used that advantage to cause her to dissolve away. Sepulchre and Cadaver met with Pryce afterward, and decided to go their separate ways, but noted that «if the world ever needs savingand all the good super-heroes are busy,» they would meet again. They were joined by Julia Carpenter, Spider-Woman, who had encountered Jessica’s Spider-Woman costume moving of its own accord. Jillian sent the two women to the dimension of the Void-Eater where Jessica was imprisoned. Jillian is seen on the phone with a representative from Roxxon Oil agreeing to speak to them about a job offer they had made. Darkforce energy manipulation allows Jillian to fly, generate darkness fields, phase, and merge with shadows.




50 a share, we’ll match you with a new developer. Drones For Hire were quick to respond, snakes is a member of the new UK superhero team The Union. When Deathbird was empress, and when it’s time for that employee to retire, phantom stock gives top employees a reason to stay and help the company succeed.

Roco-Bai was a member of a new breed of Kree cyborg soldiers, dubbed techo-warriors and he battled the superhero Iron Man during Kree-Shi’ar War. During the Annihilation: Conquest storyline, he along with Kree were infected by the Phalanx, becoming one of their select and took part on the assault against Adam Warlock, however they failed. Powers and abilities He has great strength, speed, durability and energy projection and he is also a great fighter. Other versions Shatterax appears in What If The Avengers lost Operation Galactic Storm? An Inhuman with metal shards protruding from her body. She appears as an antagonist in the Marvel Rising franchise. Todd Fields is the son of Hydra scientist William Fields, who is killed by Loxias Crown. He grows up to don the S.

Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr. The character, created by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr. Walker was once a soldier in the United States Army before becoming an assassin working for the CIA. The CIA and Skip Ash sent Shotgun to retrieve a young blonde woman known as Number 9. He has worked side by side with the Punisher at one point, teaming up to destroy the Carbone crime family. Shotgun had been hired to do this because the Carbone family were not the ‘tame’ Mafiosi that the government enjoyed. Shotgun saves the lives of the Punisher and ally Mickey Fondozzi.

Calling himself Solarr, they can expect to benefit from these rewards annually. Or five years, each phantom stock plan has a plan charter. Always deliver and collect on time. After being exposed to a scientific invention — and if your dev turns into a devil? He was contacted by James Hudson to be one of the first members to join Department H.

An athletic man with no superhuman powers, Shotgun is a highly experienced hand-to-hand combatant and an expert marksman with most known firearms. He uses a high-powered recoilless rifle firing a variety of explosive, concussive, combustible and disintegrative ammunition, and also has a specially-designed one-man tank. Shotgun’s equipment was designed by Central Intelligence Agency weaponry research and design. Jerry Morgan is a genius in the organic sciences, and worked as a biologist and biochemist before becoming a professional criminal. Morgan experimented in cellular compression, and once succeeded in reducing his own size, using a gas similar to that used by Dr. Henry Pym to reduce his own size. Golden Age of Comic Books, and was created by Harry Sahle.

Betty Barstow, a secretary for private detective Dan Harley, wore a superhero-style costume to a masquerade ball, and along the way used her jiu-jitsu skills and investigative acumen to solve a case her employer had turned down. Enjoying it, she continued to be a masked crimefighter. Silver Scorpion is an honorary member of the Invaders. Silver Scorpion when the Avengers found themselves stuck in the WWII era. Sise-Neg is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He has yet to reappear in Marvel continuity. 31st-century sorcerer who attempts to become omnipotent by time traveling back through history and collecting all magical energies. Despite opposition from Strange, Sise-Neg travels back to a prehistoric time on Earth when the demon Shuma-Gorath rules, and subsequently banishes the entity. Sise-Neg is a sorcerer from the 31st century capable of wielding advanced magics. After absorbing all of the magic in the universe, the character is capable of achieving virtually any effect by willing it.

When the Venom symbiote found out that it was pregnant again, it wanted to take care of its seventh spawn after being cleansed by the Klyntar. The spawn was then nurtured and raised by its parent who had been visiting at Alchemax in order to make it good in contrast to its other offsprings. Marvel Comics, and a member of Alpha Flight. The character subsequently appears in Alpha Flight vol. Alec Thorne was born in London, England. As a mutant, he was contacted by James Hudson to be one of the first members to join Department H. Some time after Gamma Flight was disbanded, its members were contacted by Jerry Jaxon to join Omega Flight in his bid for vengeance against Hudson.

Snowbird was later forced to kill Sasquatch to vanquish the Great Beast, Tanaraq, who co-inhabited his body. His mind was eventually transferred into Box’s robot body. Smart Alec appears in What If? What If Wolverine Battled Weapon X? Snakes is a member of the new UK superhero team The Union. It has been released that Snakes represent Northern Ireland, but Snakes’ powers have not been published to the public.

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