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One day when sushi maker was walking through the city, he saw a cute kitty in the window. He wanted to go to her, but the automatic doors at the entrance did not let the cat in the store. They did not notice him and would not open. While they regularly opened for fat people. Then our character decided to quickly gain weight. Since the game came to us from Japan, Cat eats sushi only. Although I think that for our cats this food is very tasty too.

Also in Japan, sumo wrestlers enjoy the love and respect, so it is not surprising that our character is committed as soon as possible to become thick. For the first few rounds, the Cat manages to gain weight, and he returned to the shop, but he will be disappointed. Kitty that he liked was gone. She had left the store and went on the bus when our hero came over. The cat did not have money to go after his lover.

And then he came up with a brilliant idea! That’s right, he wanted to grow fat, to take part in the competitions sumo wrestlers and win some money. Continuation of this entertaining stories you will learn as you progress through the game. The game’s plot is very interesting, all the intermediate videos are recommended for viewing. The funny thing in this story is that in any strange situation, the Cat seeks to address problems in constant eating sushi roll And the most amazing thing is that it works! To complete each level, you need to eat at least 30 pieces in order to fill his stomach. Elongated stomach cat is depicted on the left. At the beginning of each level you have 4 lives.

However, if you eat sushi special, you get extra lives. In addition to that if you have filled your stomach and eat more, everything is eaten in excess of your bonus points. While we could not find Easter eggs or cheats for this game. If you find, write us in the comments. Age category Sushi Cat is suitable for all ages. Children and adults alike will have fun eating sushi spherical cat.

Advice With each new level of complexity of the game increases. If you manage to go through the game and find out the end of these adventures Sushi Cat, we invite you to play in the next part of the game. Video Videos that inspired developer to create this amazing game. This site is not operated by the maker of Armorgames. Word from the author: «Perfect sushi starts with perfect rice. For that you will need a good recipe and some care.

In this page you will find the instructions you need to make vinegared sushi rice at home. Preparing sushi rice may seem complicated at the beginning, but as you proceed with it you can see that it is a bit like cooking ordinary rice, but with vinegar added to it, and a bit of Japanese technique. Making sushi rice involves washing, soaking, cooking, and seasoning. Prepare 1 cup of sushi rice per 3 sushi rolls. Each roll makes up 6-8 little sushi pieces. 2 rolls are recommended per person, depending on personal preferences.

Water for 1-2 minutes until there is no more starch coming out of it. For best results, let the rice soak in water for 30 minutes to help soften it. After washing the rice, place it gently in a pot and add more water than rice. 2:1 in favor of the water. Do not add excessive water, or you will have dough instead of rice. Then, lower the heat to low and cover the pot. If there is no more water, only bigger grains of rice in the pot, that means the rice is ready. If not, check back every minute, making sure not to burn the rice at the bottom.

Select how many sushi rolls you will be making and the widget will provide you with the quantities. A metal spoon will cause the rice to be damaged, and it can also react with the vinegar we will be adding later. Second, do not scrape the rice out from the bottom of the pot. If it comes out easily, that is great. Put it in wooden or plastic bowls to chill. Rice vinegar mixed with sugar and salt is essential for giving sushi it’s distinct combination of flavors.

If you neglect this part, your sushi won’t quite taste like sushi should. It is not recommended to substitute rice vinegar as most types of vinegar are much too strong. Rice vinegar is quite delicate and blends in perfectly with the rice. For 3 cups of dry sushi rice, use 0. 5 cup of rice vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt. Any other kind of vinegar will taste bad. Alternatively, you could use Sushi rice seasoning powder. Mix together in a small pot, on medium heat until all solids are mixed together.

Pour mixture on rice and mix well. That should take a minute or two. Let the rice cool down for a few minutes until it reaches room temperature. C or put it by the window. Some people prefer less seasoned sushi rice. Additionally, the strength from different brands of rice vinegar might vary. If it is your first time making sushi rice, or you are uncertain, prepare half the amount of seasoning described above.

Mix it with the rice and taste. Trust your own senses if you like to use the full amount or not. Once rice is ready, transfer to wooden or plastic container. Pour seasoning evenly over rice and mix with a wooden spoon in a cutting motion. Let rice cool down to room temperature by the window or with a fan, but never in the refrigerator. First time I was able to make some decent sushi rice! Thank you so much for sharing! The first time I made was from an on line video and exactly as described.

To cool the rice I used a clean cloth soaked in cold water over a bowl which I put the rice in after cooking. If you find the method for making the seasoning fiddly it’s possible to buy the seasoning ready made and yes try a little at first if not sure. Also I always use a wooden spoon and am gentle with the rice once cooked. I used it to make sushi at home tonight. Probably too much Rice Wine Vinegar for me. This IS the PERFECT Sushi rice recipe!

My guests couldn’t believe that this was my first time making sushi. Glad I found this recipe, turned out great and easy to work with. I don’t cook much, but this made it easy. My daughter who loves sushi said this was the best sushi rice she’s had. Now can you make a post for assembling and rolling? Still not great at rolling a tight roll. We used a sushi maker which is basically a two part mould with gaps to cut up evenly e.

Made it with long grain rice as that was all I had. I didn’t have a thick layer of burnt rice at the bottom of the pan. Also, other recipes I’ve used asked for a lot more rice vinegar, salt and sugar than this one, so I was a little worried it wouldn’t be enough, but it was absolutely fine. I used it for poke bowls, so can’t tell you how well it would hold up for sushi, but it seems to stick together will enough, without being wet. Thank you for sharing your method in so much detail. Great recipe, only reason I gave it 4. 5 stars is that for my personal taste I would cut down just a bit on rice vinegar.

I love this recipe, works very well. Worked out great for me, thank you! Is the seasoning poured over cooked rice or is it part of the cooking liquid? Why can’t the vinegar, sugar, salt be added to the water and cook the rice in this solution? Wouldn’t the flavor be better distributed throughout the rice? For best results add the vinegar solution right after the rice had cooked. Just made it it, lovely rice, perfect for sushi. You cannot make rice, it is the seed of a culivated plant.

You can plant it, harvest it and cook it but you cannot possibly make it. Are you just making this up? What happened to the section on cooking the rice? Hello, can you explain if the measurement of cup here refers to a regular cup or a rice cup? The cup came with the rice cooker is a smaller size cup and is what I use when I cook rice. I think that the ratio is what is essential here, rather than the actual volume. 2 cup vinegar, so long as you use the same measuring vessel. I know this was forever ago.

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I just cooked some perfect rice. Hi I just would like to know the portions in Grams since I live in Europe. I have read through many times and can’t seem to find the cooking time for stovetop cooking? Turns out perfect each and every time. Took your suggestion of having my girlfriend assemble the rolls and nigiri as part if her birthday dinner surprise. A staple ingredient that is commonly used in Japanese cuisine, mirin is a sweet rice liquor that is fermented with koji, which is used to make the alcoholic drinks saké and shochu.

Approximately 400-500 years ago, a typical seasoning comprised a mixture of shochu and mirin. This mixer was commonly consumed as an alcoholic liquor or as a sweetener to make shochu more tolerable to drink. Mirin is made by adding shochu, a distilled spirit from rice, halfway through the saké brewing process. The shochu stops the process by killing the fungus in the fermenting rice. Mirin is also made by using steamed glutinous rice, a sweet mochi rice, mixed with rice malt and distilled rice shochu. Interestingly, glutinous rice is, in fact, gluten-free. When it comes to purchasing a good-quality mirin, much of the products sold in stores today are nothing like the original malted rice liquor.

In fact, many Japanese companies based in the USA that produce mirin use corn syrup instead of the natural method of production, which is really a shame! Liquor with a mildly sweet taste and can be enjoyed as a cocktail mixed with soda or even fruit juices. When used as a garnish or dressing, mirin has a savory flavor, a caramel color, and a glossy sheen. Here, it should be noted that mirin is neither saké nor vinegar. Moreover, mirin should not be mistaken for sweetened rice wine. Mirin is also used to make sushi rice as it gives a mild sweetness and deeper flavor to the rice, as well as the velvety texture that makes sushi really special.





Mirin is an essential ingredient in the Japanese culinary arts. If you are planning a special meal or dinner, make sure to buy high-quality ingredients. This is especially true for mirin and Japanese rice, which should always be high-quality. How do you know so much about mirin? This was my first attempt at making sushi rice, and it was perfect! Pre-mixing the vinegar, sugar and salt was a very important step, in order to avoid overstiring the rice.



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Check back every minute, inside the kit there are also two chopsticks along with a rice paddle. He wanted to go to her — liquor with a mildly sweet taste and can be enjoyed as a cocktail mixed with soda or even fruit juices. Mirin has a savory flavor, you will love its functionality and the convenient design. While the sugar may seem like the ingredient that would make rice sticky — i know this was forever ago. The Secret Life of Pets’ is a celebration of old, continuation of this entertaining stories you will learn as you progress through the game.

I added an extra tbsp of sugar. Adding the vinegar mixture to the rice when it is still very hot helps a bunch. I’m also glad that we purchased the full-sized sheets of Nori in a big resealable bag. I use rice clickers and it come out very nice, and the seasoning was great. I’m still looking for the perfect sushi rice recipe. I’ll try your method and maybe experiment with different kinds of rice vinegar to see which gives me the best results. I’m excited to see how it comes out!

With no rice vinegar, I’m faced with a dilemma. I also have balsamic but I’m quite certain that would be problematic. I’ve followed step by step your direction andit turned out as if I had been doing this for ages, so thank you for helping me out with my first sushi ever. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Can you make sushi rice without putting sugar? Yes, it will not taste exactly the same and the rice will be less sticky, but other than that it’s up to your liking. You can get away with cider vinegar as a substitute for rice vinegar. My 10 year old is making his first attempt at a California Roll today.

So far so good with the rice. We’ll just play it by feel for now and hope it pans out. It would be a good idea to spare at least 20-30 minutes for the rice to cool down. You can use that time to prepare the rest of ingredients for your sushi dinner. It is hard to predict exactly how long it would take is that depends on rice quantity, room temperature, etc. I made sushi for my family for the first time. What size are the nori sheets? First time I made sushi rice and I found this recipe and directions very good. The rice wasn’t restaurant perfect however I think after a few more tries and some minor adjustments for my stove and equipment I will perfect it.

First time making sushi rice and it tastes great. I had to add more water as it cooked because it was still crunchy but the seasoning was spot on. Is there a sweetener version so I no sugar could be added? Thank you I had forgotten how to get the sushi rice correct and used to use Sushinoko powder. So I’m going to use Mitsukan and or another type an hope it tastes as good! You are right, the rice is everything! Thank you for the fantastic step by step explanation. Thanks for the kind words, good to hear you enjoyed it!

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