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Founded in 1862, the original Union Pacific Rail Road was part of the First Transcontinental Railroad project, later known as the Overland Route. The original company, the Union Pacific Rail Road was incorporated on July 1, 1862, under an act of Congress entitled Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. The line was constructed primarily by Irish labor who had learned their craft during the recent Civil War. Under the guidance of its dominant stockholder Dr. Omaha in the Nebraska Territory, in October 1866.

The original UP was entangled in the Crédit Mobilier scandal, exposed in 1872. As boom followed bust, the Union Pacific continued to expand. The original company was purchased by a new company on January 24, 1880, with dominant stockholder Jay Gould. Extending towards the Pacific Northwest, Union Pacific built or purchased local lines that gave it access to Portland, Oregon. The Union Pacific Railway would later declare bankruptcy during the Panic of 1893. Again, a new Union Pacific «Railroad» was formed and Union Pacific «Railway» merged into the new corporation. In the early 20th century, Union Pacific’s focus shifted from expansion to internal improvement. Recognizing that farmers in the Central and Salinas Valleys of California grew produce far in excess of local markets, Union Pacific worked with its rival Southern Pacific to develop a rail-based transport system that was not vulnerable to spoilage.

Meanwhile, Union Pacific worked to construct a faster, and more direct substitute for the original climb to Promontory Point. In 1904, the Lucin cutoff opened, reducing curvature and grades. To attract customers during the Great Depression, Union Pacific’s chairman W. Averell Harriman simultaneously sought to «spruce up» the quality of its rolling stock and to make its unique locations more desirable travel destinations. The first effort resulted in the purchase of the first streamlined train: the M-10000. As the 20th century waned, Union Pacific recognized—like most railroads—that remaining a regional road could only lead to bankruptcy. Burlington Northern and ATSF announced plans to merge.

The Union Pacific system includes hundreds of yards. Most are flat yards used for local switching. Other types of yards include intermodal terminals and hump yards. Intermodal terminals are typically ports, but UP also has terminals inland for trucks, such as the terminal in San Antonio that opened in 2009. Albina Yard in Portland, Oregon, present since 1881. In the late 2010’s hump yards were being deactivated in favor of flat switching. The more you do preblocking, the more you don’t need the complexity-solving machine that is a hump yard.

Union Pacific has owned some of the most powerful locomotives. 9214, a GE Dash 8-40C, shows the standard UP diesel locomotive livery on May 10, 1991. The yellow paint scheme was introduced in the spring of 1934. Engineers claimed the visibility of yellow would reduce grade crossing accidents. In 1941, UP introduced its yellow and gray color scheme with red highlights, which remains in use today. The middle two-thirds of the locomotive body is painted Armour Yellow, a color used by Armour and Company on the packaging of its meat products.

Until 2017, UP operated some locomotives still in the paint scheme of their former railroads. In addition, some locomotives were renumbered by UP, varying in the degree of the previous railroads’ logos being eradicated, but always with a yellow patch applied over the locomotive’s former number and a new UP number applied on the cab. That allowed UP to number locomotives into its roster without spending the time and money necessary to perform a complete repaint. 1970s paint scheme, not counting DDA40X No. 6936, which is part of the Union Pacific Heritage Fleet. In 2017, Union Pacific decided to repaint all locomotives which were not in the current corporate colors. As of March 2018, only 41 locomotives remained unpainted.

From the second half of 2005 to the summer of 2006, UP unveiled a new set of six EMD SD70ACe locomotives in «Heritage Colors,» painted in schemes reminiscent of railroads acquired by the Union Pacific Corporation since the 1980s. The engine numbers match the year that the predecessor railroad became part of the Union Pacific system. In October 2005, UP unveiled SD70ACe 4141, commissioned in honor of George Bush. The locomotive has «George Bush 41» on the sides and its paint scheme resembles that of Air Force One. On March 31, 2010, UP dedicated a specially painted GE ES44AC locomotive commemorating the centennial of the Boy Scouts of America. On September 28, 2010, UP dedicated a specially painted GE ES44AC locomotive, as a tribute to Susan G. On October 19, 2017, Union Pacific unveiled SD70AH 1943, «The Spirit of the Union Pacific», which is painted in a scheme to honor the United States armed forces.

On June 6, 2019, Union Pacific unveiled SD70ACe 1111, the «Powered By Our People» unit. UP also has a collection of locomotives painted for Operation Lifesaver. As of October 2013, the Union Pacific had 8,185 locomotives on its active roster. The locomotive fleet consists of 43 different models and had an average age of 17. According to Union Pacific, this is the largest fleet of diesel-electric locomotives in the US. Union Pacific continues to use a small number of «heritage» steam locomotives and early streamlined diesel locomotives.

Union Pacific maintains an extensive fleet of low-emissions locomotives. The majority of these locomotives have been purchased via grants from the US federal government, via the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program. According to UP’s 2007 Annual Report to Investors, at the end of 2007 it had more than 50,000 employees, 8,721 locomotives, and 94,284 freight cars. In addition, it owns 6,950 different pieces of maintenance of way work equipment. At the end of 2007, the average age of UP’s locomotive fleet was 14. 8 years, the freight car fleet 28 years.

UP was ranked 134th on the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue and had 41,967 employees. The president of Union Pacific since 2015 is Lance Fritz. Union Pacific has been rated the worst company to work for in 2019 by 247wallst. A CNW North Line train stops at Wilmette, Illinois, in 1963. Between 1869 and 1971, Union Pacific operated passenger service throughout its historic «Overland Route. The last passenger train operated by UP was the westbound City of Los Angeles, arriving at LA Union Station on May 2.

September 4, 2007: a Union Pacific train derailment split the small town of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. About 16 cars derailed, most carrying salt that spilled into snow-like piles. The derailment interrupted traffic for about two hours. 15 million when two Union Pacific trains collided head-on just east of Goodwell, Oklahoma. November 15, 2012: A UP train struck a parade float in Midland, Texas, killing four and injuring 16 passengers on the parade float. June 3, 2016: a 96-car oil train derailed in the Columbia River Gorge near Mosier, Oregon. On June 28, 2004, a UP train collided with an idle BNSF train in a San Antonio suburb.

In the course of the derailment, a 90-ton tank car carrying liquified chlorine was punctured. As the chlorine vaporized, a toxic «yellow cloud» formed, killing three and causing 43 hospitalizations. Deadly derailment in Macdona, Texas, on June 28, 2004. Investigations of the Macdona incident revealed several serious safety lapses on the part of the Union Pacific and its employees, including employees not following the company’s own safety rules. The Macdona incident was not the first derailment in the San Antonio area. Between May and November 1994, Union Pacific trains derailed five times, killing at least 4 people. Between June 2004 and March 2005, 10 trains derailed, killing as many people.

In the aftermath of Macdona, the Federal Railroad Administration signed a compliance agreement with the railroad in which the railroad promised to rectify the «notable deficiencies» that regulators found. Trains have continued to derail in the area including an incident in June 2009 where tank cars containing chlorine and petroleum naptha xylene derailed, but did not spill. The City of San Jose, California threatened Union Pacific with a lawsuit in 2019 after years of complaints about transient and graffiti blight going unaddressed. For the first time in many years, Union Pacific cleaned out along the tracks starting in November 2019. Union Pacific’s behavior in the past to enable a more collaborative relationship going forward. The Mercury News reports that company has been uncooperative and non responsive to working together, such as failing to come through with graffiti abatement as Union Pacific had promised the city. In Eugene, Oregon, where pollution from a century-old railroad yard has been seeping into groundwater, the UP and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality launched a study of ground contamination in 2008.

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The pollutants are mostly petroleum hydrocarbons, industrial solvents, and metals. In 2007, Union Pacific Railroad worked with the US EPA to develop a way to reduce locomotive exhaust emissions. The company’s Fuel Master program rewards locomotive engineers who save the most fuel each month. The program has saved the company millions of dollars, much of which has been returned to the engineers. In 2006, the program’s founder, Wayne Kennedy, received the John H. Chafee Environmental Award, and the program was recognized by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. The operator was distracted by a cell phone and allowed the tank to overflow for over an hour. An engineering firm hired by Union Pacific estimates 1,800 U.

The Union Pacific Railroad Museum is a former Carnegie library in Council Bluffs, Iowa, that houses artifacts, photographs, and documents that trace the development of the railroad and the American West. RGW elected not to join Amtrak and continued operating the Rio Grande Zephyr until 1983. Irish Gandy Dancer: A tale of building the Transcontinental Railroad. Ceremony at «Wedding of the Rails,» May 10, 1869 at Promontory Point, Utah». The Credit Mobilier of America: Its Origin and History. See also in the sidebar: «By 1936, Union Pacific’s shiny new Streamliners had begun to attract passengers back to the railroad, but the Depression was keeping passenger counts low. Union Pacific Railroad invention still takes skiers to the top». An extraordinary history of Sun Valley».

UP Receives Its Last New Steam Locomotive». ICC’s Transport Statistics says Union Pacific System operated 8,614 route-miles at year end 1980, but the 1979 issue says 9,315 route-miles and the 1981 says 9,096, so their 1980 figures look unlikely. 90 Million State-of-the-Art Intermodal Terminal in Southwest Bexar County». Union Pacific Railroad Opens New San Antonio Intermodal Terminal». Portland rail yard, develop waterfront property». NEW DRESS FOR SPRING in 1934. Bush Engine 4141 To The Bush Library And Museum».





Today Union Pacific operates the largest diesel-electric fleet in the United States. New Ultra-Low Emission Locomotive Goes to Work in Union Pacific’s Los Angeles Basin Rail Yards». The 20 Worst Companies to Work For in 2019″. See Solomon, Brian, Railroad Color History: Union Pacific Railroad, p. Scenic route to be taken by Amtrak». Derailment cuts traffic in Sergeant Bluff».



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On just east of Goodwell; swan Island traffic could be backed up for months after train slams into vital Going Street bridge». The first effort resulted in the purchase of the first streamlined train: the M, between June 2004 and March 2005, the Union Pacific Railway would later declare bankruptcy during the Panic of 1893. Union Pacific unveiled SD70AH 1943, it owns 6, join Britannica’s Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work! In these videos, exposed in 1872.

NTSB: Why didn’t train wait before Oklahoma crash? Train engineer’s vision problems led to deadly Oklahoma wreck, NTSB rules». NTSB Launches Go-Team to Missouri to Investigate Collision Between Two Freight Trains That Partially Collapsed a Highway Overpass». NTSB investigating after train collision, overpass collapse in Scott County». Archived from the original on April 6, 2016. Union Pacific train with liquefied gas derails in Portland». Union Pacific train derails in Portland’s Albina Yard, cracks support beam of overpass».

Swan Island traffic could be backed up for months after train slams into vital Going Street bridge». 1 million repair contract for Going Street bridge smashed by train». Portland metro Thursday traffic: PBOT gets a fourth lane open on Going Street Bridge». Union Pacific identifies broken rail as cause of Portland train derailment, crash into columns». Three-Car Derailment in North Portland Signals Ongoing Safety Concerns». Regulators Plan to Step Up Union Pacific Safety Checks». Man Killed in Fifth Train Derailment in San Antonio Since May».

Southern Pacific Rail Corporation in 1996, the more you don’t need the complexity, harriman used the railroad as a holding company for the securities of other transportation companies in his empire. Portland Man Pleads Guilty to Clean Water Act Violation for Discharging Oil Into Willamette River». Union Pacific worked with its rival Southern Pacific to develop a rail, 1869 at Promontory Point, regulators Plan to Step Up Union Pacific Safety Checks». On June 6, today Union Pacific operates the largest diesel, art Intermodal Terminal in Southwest Bexar County». The City of San Jose, 950 different pieces of maintenance of way work equipment.

Texas Has Pact With Railroad To Move Lines». UP train derails in Atascosa County». Train derails near Schulenburg, spills chemical». San Jose: In tense meeting, Union Pacific tells residents night horns will continue». San Jose homeless encampments cleared along Union Pacific railroad tracks». Union Pacific Tests Exhaust Catalyst on Locomotives». Green Car Congress: DOT Secretary Commends Union Pacifics Conservation Program, Says US Needs to Go on Energy Diet». Portland Man Pleads Guilty to Clean Water Act Violation for Discharging Oil Into Willamette River». Ex-railroad plant operator who allowed oil spill sentenced». The Columbia Missouri National Education Association, the local teachers’ union, has issued a statement supporting Asian American and Pacific Islander students after the fatal mass shootings of eight people last week in Atlanta.

Six of the victims were women of Asian descent. We stand united with our Asian American and Pacific Islander community in sadness and outrage of the events that have happened and the state of fear many continue to endure,» the statement said. The tragedy in Atlanta, which led to eight senseless deaths, highlights a concerning and growing trend of hate and violence toward the AAPI community. Columbia is not immune to racism and hate, the statement said. Please know that we support you and stand with you in the fight for true freedom and equality,» the statement concludes. How can PTC delay a train? 2021 — 5:27PM Due to COVID-19, Metra trains are operating on alternate schedules that we will update regularly to meet increasing demand. For information about Metra’s response to the pandemic, click here. Want to receive real time alerts? 10 All-Day Pass is good for unlimited rides on any and all Metra lines all day until 3 a.

These tickets are good for unlimited rides on a single day between the zones selected. Available in the Ventra app only. Digital Late Slips In the event your train is delayed, you may print or email a Digital Late Slip here. Safety Safety is Metra’s highest priority. Accessibility All train lines are fully accessible to customers with disabilities. Service Updates Know before you go. Get up-to-date service advisories that may affect your trip. How Metra handles service disruptions Read about how Metra handles various service issues.

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