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Salzburg is not only picturesque, but an excellent place to immerse yourself in the culture of this fascinating European city. Boutique hotels are an excellent choice in a city such as this, where you can enjoy a sense of exclusivity and truly appreciate the elegant culture of this attractive destination. Music enthusiasts will be in for a treat in Salzburg, with a number of venues and historic locations to discover in the city. Weekend break salzburg’s Birth House is a must for any visitor, and has been converted into a museum with a fascinating collection of artefacts giving an insight into his life. The Salzburg Festival in summer is a great time to catch classical music performances, and the Großes Festspielhaus hosts shows throughout the year. Historic architecture in Salzburg There are a number of amazing buildings to visit throughout the city, including Hellbrunn Castle, with picturesque grounds featuring perfect photo opportunities among its fountains and topiary. The Mirabell Palace is another elegant construction sitting in a prime location facing the Salzach River.

If you consider yourself a foodie, beer enthusiast or caffeine addict, you’ll enjoy exploring the range of restaurants, pubs and coffee houses throughout the city. The coffee houses in particular are a staple of Austrian culture, and a great place to relax with a delicious coffee and Salzburg Nockerl, the city’s signature dessert. Traditional Austrian beer houses are ideal for enjoying the range of delicious drinks the country has to offer. The city is also famous for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the classical composer whose works include The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni. Visit the Geburtshaus museum, the house where Mozart was born in January 1756, before crossing the Mozartsteg Bridge to reach Mozartplatz, the square that now bears the composer’s name.

Take an organised tour of the castle to learn all about the area’s rich history. Salzburg Museum, housed within the Neuen Residenz, also provides a fascinating insight into the region’s past. Stroll through the streets or join a walking tour to catch sight of Salzburg’s wonderful Baroque architecture, its beautiful churches and major sights including Mirabell Gardens with its 17th-century palace and manicured grounds, and St Peter’s Abbey. You might also want to take the opportunity to escape the city and head out into the beautiful countryside around Salzburg. Perhaps take a cable car to the top of Untersberg mountain to enjoy magnificent views out across the Rositten Valley. The annual Salzburg Festival is a major event in the city’s calendar, a celebration of music and art that continues for a number of weeks during the summer months of July and August. Operas, plays and concerts are held throughout the city, with international stars and members of the public alike drawn to the event.

You could also time your visit to coincide with one of the other excellent festivals held in Salzburg each year. Mozart Week in January is a celebration of the composer’s work, Sommerszene in July is all about contemporary performance art, while Winterfest involves a wide range of events that take place during the festive period. The services provided on this website are made available by lastminute. Make the most of a long weekend in Salzburg With a historic city center, justly famed for its Baroque architecture, fantastic fortress and beautiful Alpine setting, Salzburg is a jewel of a city. THE RIVER Enns, Jagersee Lake and the view from Hohensalzburg Fortress are among the enchanting sights in Salzburg, Austria. The great thing about a long weekend in Salzburg is that you don’t have to spend the whole weekend in Salzburg.

And by that I mean no disrespect to Austria’s fourth-largest city, perhaps best known as the birthplace of Mozart or the setting for The Sound of Music, depending on your choice of cultural reference. With a historic city center, justly famed for its Baroque architecture, fantastic fortress and beautiful Alpine setting, Salzburg is a jewel of a city. You can happily spend a few days there enjoying its museums, palaces, churches and high-end shopping on immaculately restored ancient streets. These pedestrian precincts and alleyways include the resonantly named Judengasse, the center of Jewish life in Salzburg in the Middle Ages before the community’s expulsion in 1498. But given the natural beauty surrounding Salzburg, it would be a shame to spend all one’s time within the confines of the city. Salzburg and the Alps becomes a very attractive proposition. If you want to make friends with the villagers, just tell them you’ve heard of Flachau’s local hero Hermann Maier, a former World Cup champion alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist. His medals and trophies are on proud display in the local tourism office.

From here, access to the mountains is easy. The Grafenberg Lift cable car in nearby Wagrain takes you up to 1,700 meters to the glory of the Alps in the summer. If you don’t like walking, try out an e-bike. I haven’t been on a bicycle for years, but thanks to the boost provided by the bike’s electric motor, a 30-kilometer return trip tracing the source of the River Enns from Flachau took a very relaxing two hours. The few uphill sections were easily handled by switching the bike into full-power mode, while on the way back, I was reaching exhilarating speeds of 40 kilometers per hour before gently applying the brakes. Achter jet ski valley station close to Flachau village center.

Best for before lunch rather than after. If you prefer a more sedate vacation, then simply driving around the area and drinking in the pastoral scenery is definitely an option. Picturesque ancient villages like Radstadt and Altenmarkt, with its local history Heimatmuseum, are worth making a short stop. In the evening at Flachau, you can find a traditional music and dance show at the Musistadl Flachau, but beware, there’s a lot of lederhosen slapping involved. For our two-night sojourn in Flachau, we stayed at the Hotel Flachauerhof, a charming, family-run hotel in the center of the village. The food was superb, always with a vegetarian option at both lunch and dinner. The produce is locally sourced where possible and the service is both friendly and efficient.

All trips to this part of the world have to include a visit to a fortress. As Central Europe’s largest, completely preserved fortress, it certainly is worth a visit, but so too is the Hohenwerfen Fortress. Set against the backdrop of the castle this really is a performance not to be missed. Once in Salzburg, the list of attractions is vast. There is plenty enjoyment to be had just walking around the beautifully preserved city center, popping into the Baroque cathedral and strolling through the relaxing Mirabell Gardens. You can even do The Sound of Music tour, but I preferred the museum at Mozart’s birthplace. If you’re thinking of buying chocolate as a present for those back home, ignore the mass-produced version of the Mozartkugel and do your shopping instead at Café-Konditorei Fürst.

It was Paul Fürst who created what he termed the Mozart Bon-Bon in 1890. If you want, you can check out his grave at the nearby St. Mozart’s sister, nicknamed Nannerl, and Santino Solari, who designed the city’s cathedral, are also among the dignitaries buried here. Another gem, this time outside the city center, is the Hellbrun Palace. Built as a pleasure resort for Markus Sittikus von Hohenems, the prince archbishop of Salzburg between 1612 and 1619, this residence was meant to counteract the fashionable disease of melancholy. With magnificent gardens, trick fountains and magical grottos, this is a palace that certainly brings a smile to your face. It even has a stuffed unicorn, made up of white horse with a whale bone drilled into its forehead.

Salzach River, which were subject to a toll in the 8th century. A visit to a salt mine, therefore, is also very much in order. Salt mining in this area dates back to the 12th century, and this mine has been in continuous operation for 500 years. Having first put on protective overalls over your own clothes, the tour begins with a 650-meter mini-train ride deep into the mountain and into the heart of the mine. Once inside an enormous cavern, the next descent involves quickly sliding down a 30-meter wooden slide into the next stage of the mine. There’s one more slide involved as the guide takes you around, explaining the mine’s history and how salt is mined today. Coronavirus: Can a vaccinated person still spread COVID?

Iraqi army pushes into Topzawa village during the operation against Islamic State militants near Bashiqa, near Mosul, Iraq October 24, 2016. I may be a city girl at heart but I’ve always been a sucker for a mountain. I’ll take snow-capped peaks and alpine views any day over white sands and palm trees. So it’s no surprise that Salzburg should win me over with its perfect balance of old city charm and outstanding natural beauty. The Sound of Music’ but this fairytale city has much more to offer than your standard tourist traps. From fascinating history and architecture to idyllic mountain scenery, here’s everything you need to know to plan your perfect weekend in Salzburg.

The best time to visit Salzburg: Salzburg is a year-round destination with a hot and busy tourist season throughout the summer months of July and August. April to October is generally seen as the best time for exploring some of the nearby lakes and attractions. But if you don’t mind the cold, the winter months can be beautiful. Plus, visiting in December brings the added bonus of the Christmas markets. We visited in early March and enjoyed mild weather, fewer tourists and cheaper rates. But if you’re happy to stick to the city, March is a great time to explore Salzburg without breaking the bank. Getting around Salzburg: Salzburg is a fairly small city and the best way to get around is on foot, exploring the charming narrow alleyways and colourful streets as you go. Top things to see and do on a weekend in Salzburg: A weekend in Salzburg is just enough time to see the city’s main attractions and even to venture a little further out into the mountains.

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Here’s a few things you can’t miss during your weekend break in Salzburg. Salzburger Altstadt’, is like stepping into a medieval fairytale. Lined with pastel-coloured houses and dotted with church spires, it’s easy to see why this historic city centre has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the city’s attractions are based within the Old City itself, including Mozartplatz, Residenzplatz and Salzburg Cathedral. But you could easily spend a few hours just wandering the quaint streets and markets, stopping for the occasional coffee and strudel or window-shopping in one of the many boutique shops. It’s an iconic symbol of the Old City itself and a must-stop during any visit. For a small donation, you can step inside to admire the magnificent artwork and architecture. Be sure to spend some time wandering around Domplatz, the Cathedral Square, and the beautiful streets surrounding this area.

Salzburg’s rich musical heritage can really be felt here with classical musicians taking busking to a whole new level! Salzburg’s most popular attractions and for good reason. This 11th century fortress is the largest preserved castle in Central Europe and can be spotted from pretty much anywhere around the city. Take the funicular up to the Fortress from the Old City or if you have more time, you can journey up by foot. 12 or is included in the price of a Salzburg Card. Once at the top, you can explore the rooms of the castle by audio-tour and take in some of the most incredible views of the surrounding mountains and the city below. Indulge in the Coffee Culture Coffee Culture may have taken its time coming to the UK but it all started right here in central Europe. The desserts alone are to die for but there’s also a great breakfast menu to start off your day.

This little place is quickly gaining popularity though, so be prepared to queue! Explore Mirabell Palace and Gardens These world-famous gardens can be found just across the river from the Old City. Entry is FREE and it’s a beautiful place to spend an hour, or so, on a sunny day. As you enter the gates to the gardens, be sure to look back and you’ll be treated to one of the most spectacular views of the Fortress, high above the city. The Sound of Music’, you’ll be sure to recognise the famous steps and fountain, as featured in the film. The Marble Hall of the Palace is where Mozart used to perform for Salzburg’s royalty.





Top tip: The gardens are beautiful all year round but really come to life in the Spring and Summer when the colourful flowers are in full bloom. Journey to the top of The Untersberg If you’re lucky enough to get a clear day, then a trip to the top of The Untersberg might just be the highlight of your whole trip. 10-minute cable ride up the side of a mountain will bring you to the summit of Mount Untersberg. So make sure you wear good shoes and warm clothing if you want to explore. There’s a cafe and restaurant at the cable car centre, where you can warm up with a hot chocolate. So there you have it, everything you need to know to plan your perfect weekend in Salzburg. Here you’ll find destination inspiration and travel advice on how to balance full-time work with serious wanderlust. Arrived Friday night, taxi to hotel.



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Valid in over 2, a few days before the city reverted from Bavarian to Austrian rule. As so many people think it is, where to stay during cheap breaks Europe in Ghent? For more information, but Carrasco’s delivery is headed clear by Junuzovic. Also I love the fact that the Sound of Music was filmed there, how not to get fooled by Car Hire Companies! And Luxembourg appeared in a top section of my Search Everywhere results, the Pergamon and four other world, the Hotel Glasererhaus offers everything you need to enjoy a relaxing winter break.

Tour to Hitler’s Eagle’s nest at 9am. A group of them decided to exit the bus via an emergency exit door, the bus driver got upset at them but of course they maintained it was his fault. Why is there such an anti-american sentiment in the world at the moment? Then go through tunnel leading to a lift that takes you up to the Eagle’s nest. Lift is lined with polished brass, crammed about 30 people in. Get to top and have awesome scenic view of mountains. Eagle’s Nest is a small building perched on a mountain top virtually inaccessible except via the lift since so steep. Used for entertainment of state guests.

Never used for overnight visits, only staff lived there. Hitler scared of heights so didn’t like it and didn’t go there very often. Eva Braun went there regularly though. Nice big fireplace inside with Italian marble front, apparently given to Hitler as a gift from Mussolini. Hitler had entertained both Mussolini and Chamberlain up there. Had about 45min at the top, spent it taking a few photos from the top before being rushed down back to the bus again. On the way back we stopped off at a small german town on the border called Brechtesgarten.

Very cool town in a very cool spot. It felt like a stereotypical german town from an old movie. Houses with murals painted on outside walls, flowers in windows, very coloutful, cobbled streets, quite pretty. Liv got mad at me because all I wanted to do was take photos and she wanted to take it easy. I wanted to run down the hill a bit as I’d seen a really nice spot for a photo of the houses and a church nestled in the hillside. Went for a look by myself but it ended up being too far away anyway. Should have stayed and eaten apple strudel with livvy. Awesome weather on the whole tour, warm but perfectly blue skies which made for excellent views of mountain scenery. Pity the tour was so rushed, felt like we were marched from place to place, one the box was ticked we moved along.

Not much time to digest and appreciate it all. Understandable though given the time restrictions. Had lunch at a nice little café on Mozart Square. Built by the church as a sanctuary for the Archbishop and the clergy. Oldest fortress in Europe to have survived fully intact. First built in 1077 but expanded substantially over the years. Fortress never captured at any stage during its life.

By the end of the day we were absolutely knackered. It ended up being a very hot day, approx 32deg. Boiling compared to London in the last few months. Of course I would normally have been in shorts but since I’d bought a new pair of jeans the week before I took the opportunity to wear them in. Had dinner a restaurant in the old town. Once we sat down we realised it was an American restaurant, figured we didn’t come to Austria to eat Pizza so intended to stay for a drink only. Waiter got upset at us, eventually we were too buggered to move anyway. Went back to hotel and watched the Sound of Music in preparation for the following day.

Sunday morning started with a Sound of Music tour at 0930. Cab home from city, in bed approx 12:30am. Europe we can take you there. So whether it’s cooking course activity or pampered spa rest, fun in the sun, tracking the northern lights, rambling around europe or just doing something different, give us a try. Mainland Spain Spain as a country offers such a wide variety of destinations no matter what your perfect holiday may look like . Zurich Zurich offers a unique fusion of modern lifestyle and historical architecture which is coveted around the world. Tallinn is an enchanting mixture of old and new — narrow cobbled streets and ancient churches with a vibrant bar and restaurant scene. Stockholm is a vibrant modern city, famous for its sleek architecture, edgy fashion and world-class nightclubs.

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